Diversity Plan

California State University, East Bay's mission statement emphasizes the important of diversity to the University community:

Cal State East Bay welcomes and supports a diverse student body with academically rich, culturally relevant, learning experiences that prepare students to apply their education to meaningful lifework, and to be socially responsible contributors to society. Through its educational programs and activities the University strives to meet the educational needs and to contribute to the vitality of the East Bay, the state, the nation, and global communities.


In Spring 2008, Cal State East Bay launched a diversity planning initiative as part of the University's strategic planning process. This process involved two interactive, university-wide diversity forums in 2008, the designation of liaisons for each division and college, and the preparation of divisional and college diversity plans consistent with the University's seven strategic mandates.

Academic Senate Recommendations

The Academic Senate's Faculty Diversity and Equity Committee (FDEC) assumed leadership for preparing a report accepted by the Academic Senate on May 4, 2010 which provided a series of principles that were incorporated in a celebration of diversity on May 21, 2010. Read the full text of the FDEC Report (16 pages).

Diversity Action Plan 2010

In September 2010, The Cabinet reviewed the FDEC recommendations and how Cal State East Bay will implement them in the context of the University's mission and entire range of strategic mandates. A framework of actions plans to achieve these mandates is presented in the University Diversity Action Plan 2010 (5 pages).

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