Childcare Feasibility Task Force

Our “East Bay family” is inclusive of more than just our students, faculty and staff — it includes the children and dependents of our students and employees. The Childcare Feasibility Task Force was created to query our university community about current needs, explore various means for supporting childcare options and identify recommended solutions. 

The task force was asked to explore:

  • Creating partnerships with community childcare providers 
  • Identifying partnerships with other large employers in Hayward (e.g., City of Hayward, Hayward Unified School District) and the Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPNs)
  • Establishing an on-site center 
  • Providing financial subsidies for students and employees
  • Fostering an overall campus culture to be more supportive of parents 

Additionally, the task force will suggest options for the business model to support recommended solutions, as the university does not currently have one-time or recurring funding set aside for this use.

The Childcare Feasibility Task Force will research best practices and survey our university community to inform their recommendations. This includes a Spring 2022 needs analysis and market study conducted by a current College of Business & Economics MBA class. 

Additionally, students, faculty and staff participated in a university-wide survey to provide feedback about needs, challenges in accessing childcare and areas where students, faculty and staff may require childcare support. Read the Sept. 2022 survey summary and recommendations.

The task force will also inventory childcare centers at other CSU campuses to include the type of center, the number of student and employee children served, how each center is financed and sustained, and the impact on student fees.

Following these information gathering efforts, the Childcare Feasibility Task Force will present President Sandeen with a range of preferred options in mid 2022.  

Childcare Feasibility Task Force Members:

  • Cristian Gaedicke, Professor, Engineering, Co-Chair
  • Fa'aalu Lealaimatafao, Director, Budget and Operations, Student Affairs, Co-Chair
  • My-Lan Huynh, Associate Director, Housing and Residential Life
  • Zaira Perez, Student, ASI Vice President of Communications
  • Kelli Tharpe, Lecturer, Teacher Education
  • Avelin Vega, Student
  • Faculty research support: Yi He, Department Chair, Marketing
  • Staff Support: Rozila Lal, Budget Analyst, Student Affairs