How to Apply

To apply for admission as a freshman, complete the following items. Please submit your application online and supporting documents by the deadlines for the semester to which you are applying.

  • Submit an application for admission online via Cal State Apply and pay the $70 nonrefundable application fee. Be sure to print the application submission confirmation page for your records. Paper applications are no longer accepted: however, if you do not have access to a computer, then please submit a paper application (with a statement indicating your need to submit a paper application.)
  • Request official transcripts from all high schools attended to be sent to Cal State East Bay. Official transcripts must be received by the document deadline. Transcripts will be accepted if submitted electronically or mailed directly by the school, or if hand-carried in their original sealed envelope to Cal State East Bay's Enrollment Information Center located on the first floor of the Student Services and Administration (SA) Building on the Hayward Campus, or to the Academic Services Center on the Concord Campus.
  • Request official SAT or ACT test scores to be sent directly from the testing agency or high school to Cal State East Bay.
  • If you completed a course at a community college, if you have Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or CLEP test scores that may earn you course credit, then transcripts and/or test scores need to be submitted as well. Visit MyCSUEB for a list of your required items.

Your entire application including transcripts and test scores will be reviewed by an admission evaluator. The evaluator will evaluate if you are admissible to the university. You will be notified by mail upon receipt of your application.