Early Start Frequently Asked Questions

General Information on Participation

Early Start is for students who need assistance with becoming college-ready in Math and/or English. If you are a freshman starting at a CSU campus in Fall and you need extra coursework in Math or English, you must participate in the Early Start Program.

Applicants for admission to the CSU are required to meet minimum admission requirements in order to be accepted. Beyond admission, there are several requirements to ensure a student's successful transition to the university; these are called enrollment requirements. These can include, but are not limited to, grade point average, test scores, Early Start participation, mandatory orientation participation, etc. Students are encouraged to review their admission offer and campus correspondence to review any additional enrollment requirements set forth by their campus of choice.

Housing is not available during the Early Start program. However, the Early Start requirement can be completed at any CSU campus. Most campuses offer online course options. Students are encouraged to register at the campus they will attend in the fall. A listing of CSU Early Start course offerings can be found here.

Early Start Class Registration and Payment

You may complete the CSU Early Start Program at any CSU. For a full listing of courses is available, visit earlystart.csusuccess.org/csu_campus.

The first step in Early Start registration is to indicate where you will complete the requirement.  You can do so by selecting the Early Start link in your Student Center avaialble in your MYCSUEB account.  If you choose to take the class at Cal State East Bay you will be able to register for your prefferd course/date/time and submit your course fee payment immidiately.  If you choose to register at another CSU you must wait to be contacted via Horizon email by that campus. 

The CSU campus you select to take your Early Start Program course(s) at will send you registration information through email. It is important to check both your personal email (the one you indicated on your CSU application) and campus (Horizon) email for ESP registration information from the CSU campus. The time it takes will vary depending on when the campus opens their ESP registration window. If you do not receive information within one week, you should contact the campus you selected directly for further assistance.

Students who do not complete the campus selection step by the deadline will be automatically assigned to complete Early Start at their home campus. Students who fail to register and complete their Early Start requirement risk being ineligible to enroll at their university for the Fall term.

You are (or will become) exempt from participating in Early Start if you are have the following:

  1. Received a Conditionally Exempt status via the CAASPP or have the appropriate SAT or ACT score.
  2. Are currently enrolled in a year-long senior year-Math/English courses. You may verify the appropriate Math and English courses by visiting the following websites:
    1. Senior Year Math Experience Course: http://www.csusuccess.org/conditionally_exempt
    2. Senior Year English Experience Course: http://www.csusuccess.org/conditional_esw
  3. Pass with a grade of “C” or better in the appropriate senior year experience course(s). However, your exemption will not take effect until your final transcript is received.

You will need to find an alternate campus where you can still register for the course. If the registration deadline has passed for classes or there are no classes available, then the student is responsible for contacting their home campus to determine the next steps and how it may affect their enrollment. 

Early Start courses vary from campus to campus.  The course descriptions will usually specify who the course is intended for. If assistance is required to determine whether a course is appropriate or not, please contact your home campus.

Early Start Class Logistics, Materials, and Grades

All of the CSU campuses are coordinating with each other to ensure Early Start participation and class grades are provided to the student’s home campus. The CSU where you take your Early Start class will send grades to Cal State East Bay automatically.

Students in the Math course will be required to set up an ALEKS account to access materials online. Your instructor will provide instructions. No English materials are required for the English course.

Students enrolled in CSUEB’s Early Start English class must come to the Hayward or Concord campus for all class meetings and exams. Students may park in the student parking lot near the building where their class is located. Special Early Start parking permits valid during the weeks the Early Start class is conducted will be sold at the CSUEB Cashier’s Office in the Student Services & Administration Building (first floor) on the Hayward Campus, and in the Academic Services Center at the Concord Campus. The cost is $30. Only cash/checks are accepted at the Cashier’s Office. (Debit/credit cards are not accepted.) Check with the Cashier’s Office for summer operating hours. 

Public transportation to the Hayward campus is available through BART and AC Transit. Limited public transportation is available to the Concord campus through County Connection/CCCTA. Additional information will be provided prior to the start of classes.

Contact Information

Students with questions about the Early Start Program can contact the office in the following ways: