Cal State East Bay’s Enrollment Plan for Admissions

In April 2017, the CSU Office of the Chancellor approved Cal State East Bay’s enrollment management plan. The plan is designed to align our resources and capacity with the number of students attending East Bay and will take effect starting with the fall 2018 application cycle.

Key components of Cal State East Bay’s Enrollment Plan:

  • It is designed to guarantee admission to academically qualified students from our service and admission region (Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Solano counties).
  • Any academically qualified California resident who has completed the requirements for the Associate Degree for Transfer in a similar major is also guaranteed admission, regardless of county.
  • Students outside our six county areas who have not completed the ADT requirements may be required to meet slightly higher academic standards depending on capacity.
  • If admissions need to be limited, an Eligibility Index will be used to rank freshman applicants from outside our six county areas. The Eligibility Index Table shows the combination of test scores and grade point averages required for admission. The minimum required index score will vary depending on the number of qualified applicants and campus enrollment limits.
  • Non-ADT California upper division transfers from outside our local service and admission areas will be admitted according to transfer grade point average ranking until the campus has reached its enrollment limit.

Cal State East Bay’s goals are to ensure that our students have the courses and resources they need to successfully complete their degree programs. Depending on capacity, the enrollment management plan may need to restrict, as minimally as possible, admissions from outside our six-county region.