California Residents and CA High School Graduates

Cal State East Bay will be using a Multi-Factor Admission process to evaluate incoming freshman class. As a First-Time Freshman, you are required to meet the following conditions in addition to meeting the East Bay Index*:

  • Be a high school graduate or have a GED
  • Have completed, or be in the process of completing, a minimum 15-unit pattern of college preparatory course. (Each unit is equal to a year of study in a subject area.) A grade C or higher is required for each course.
    • 4 years - English
    • 3 years - Mathematics: algebra, geometry, and intermediate algebra
    • 2 years - History/Social Science
    • 2 years - Laboratory Science
    • 2 years - Language other than English: the same language (possible waiver)
    • 1 year - Visual/Performing Arts: art, dance, drama/theater, or music; must be in the same discipline
    • 1 year - Elective Courses additional classes selected from the above subjects


 East Bay Multiple Factor Admission Criteria

Index Details

Campus Admission Category

Implemented Admission Value

GPA/A-G Coursework GPA (2.0 - 2.49) x 800
Courses above 30 semesters (10 courses)
STEM Courses taken beyond the minimum required
Local Admission Area Local Admission Area
First Generation No high school
Some high school
High school graduate
Some college 2-year college graduate
Educational Programs Participation AVID
Upward Bound
Talent Search or Education Opportunity Center
Puente Project
Independent Living Project (ILP)
MESA Project
Low Income Qualified for Application Fee Waiver Fee Waiver granted on Cal State Apply Application
Free and Reduced Lunch Attended institution marked as eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch
Youth Services Ward of the Court
Foster Youth
Unaccompanied Youth
Military Military Status of Active Duty, National Guard, Reserved, or Veteran
Work Status At least 10 hours/week