Returning Students

Matriculated Cal State East Bay students who have not enrolled in classes for two consecutive semesters (not including summer or winter sessions), and do not enroll in the third consecutive semester, will be discontinued and will be required to submit a new application to the University for readmission.  Students in this situation should reapply as a returning student. 

Returning students must have taken at least one course at CSUEB. If a student was admitted to CSUEB, but did not actually take any courses with us they are considered regular applicants and not returning students. 

Returning students in good standing may reapply to Cal State East Bay and should not have any issue being readmitted. Students who were previously academically disqualified must set up an appointment with a readmission counselor by emailing and consult a counselor in the General Education office , whose office is located in SA 1500 of the Student Services and Administration Building on the Hayward Campus.

How To Apply

Please see the link below for more information.