DataDot DNA: Protects and Identifies All of Your Personal Property

Magnified DataDotWhat Are Datadots?
DataDots identify your personal property in a way that makes it impossible for a thief to "clean". Each the size of a grain of sand, DataDots are laser etched with a unique PIN number. The owner may apply as few as one or as many as hundreds to their valuables. This DataDot has been magnified about 100 times. DataDots can be applied to:

  • Music Players
  • Laptops
  • Bicycles
  • Cell Phones
  • TVs and Stereos
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Cameras
  • Artwork
  • Automobile Accessories
  • Virtually Any Item You Want (We do not recommend using DataDots on textbooks, especially if you plan on selling them back.)

How Do They Reduce Theft?
The deterrence of theft is the ultimate protection for all of your personal property. DataDots help us to prove the true owner of your property and increase the chance of catching theives. The "Protected by DataDot Technology" decals warn theives to stay away from your property.

Protected by DataDots BadgeTracing and Recovering Your Property
The key to recovering your property is the recording of your property. A unique feature of the DataDot recovery system is the national registration database. This distinctive registry was designed specifically for the DataDot Identification and Security System. For a minimal cost, users can also download inventory software to track their property and unique PIN. The information is only accessible to law enforcement and investigators. We only have to locate a single DataDot to confirm the property's owner. We use a special blacklight and magnifier to find and read the unique police tracable identifiers on the DataDots. If your DataDot protected property is stolen, be sure to give us your PIN when you make the police report.

Where Can You Get DataDots?
DataDot kits are available in the University Bookstore.

Still Have Questions?
For more information on DataDots, please visit the DataDots website. To report stolen property, come to the University Police Department in the Library Basement or call us at (510) 885-3791.

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