CareerBOOST: How to be Competitive when Hundreds Apply

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Monday, January 30th

6:30-8:00 p.m. PST

Via Virtual Zoom Webinar

Keep ahead of the looming recession.

When all your finals are over, your grades are posted, your degree is received, and the celebrations are done, what happens next? For many of us who have experienced that moment after graduating from college, what happened next was getting a job. But how do you get a job when hundreds or even thousands of other people are applying for the same opportunity?

Academic knowledge, leadership, and experience will only get you so far; and only if you market yourself the correct way. Being competitive during the job search process requires being noticed, and this workshop will not only inform you about the barriers you will face when applying for jobs but also how you can stand your best chance of moving from "one of many" candidates, to the "best" candidate.

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