Conflict Management at the Holiday Table

She Reigns Creative with CSUEB Alumni

Monday, December 5th

6:30-8:00 p.m. PST

Virtual Zoom Meeting

There's no place like home for the holidays.

Each year as we prepare for the holiday season, we are reminded of the unsavory truth that some family members have polarizing opinions. Our event is here to showcase different approaches to managing conflict in a personal setting, with the intention of demonstrating how these techniques can be leveraged to boost your professional brand.

Stephen Andrews has come back to provide us with a stellar experience dedicated to addressing conflict management at the holiday table. Following the event we will provide an opportunity for fellow alumni of his previous programs to meet and revisit past cherished memories.

Steve Andrews

Hosted By: Stephen Andrews

MBA in Marketing Management, Class of 2011

Steve runs She Reigns Creative, a 7 figure Marketing agency which doubled its revenue in 2020, and then again in 2021. Hailing from Great Britain, Steve has been a California resident since 2008, his agency is a Digital Marketer Certified Trainer, and has a SAAS product with over 300 subscribers.


He’s married to the beautiful Nicole and has two Children, Addy who’s 14 and Charlotte who’s 6. Steve holds a Bachelors degree in French, German and Spanish, and an MBA with a focus in Marketing Management from Cal State East Bay. He’s taught Marketing, Communication, Leadership and Business Statistics for Cal State East Bay.