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Banking or Unbanking a Course

A course that will not be offered for a significant period of time may be banked, in order for the department to retain the course/course number. Banking the course will make it inactive during the specified term. The course will be removed from the next published catalog. If a course being banked is an existing program requirement, the department will need to complete a Program Revision Request via Curriculog. You can bank an existing course by logging into Curriculog and selecting the start a new proposal link to initiate the approval process.

See the Master Curriculum Calendar for catalog curriculum deadlines. College deadlines are earlier than those set by Academic Programs and Services. Always check with your College Curriculum


Process for Approval of Course Bank Request

Faculty Member and/or Department Chair originates proposal in Curriculog. Proposal then moves through the approval process as follows:
  1. Department Chair (if not the originator)
  2. Dean and/or Associate Dean
  3. College Curriculum Committee (proposal may require additional Dean/Associate Dean review if significant changes are made at this step)
  4. Academic Programs and Services (Technical Review and Director, Associate Dean or Dean approval depending on proposal)
  5. Consultation (University Curriculum Coordinator sends list of Banked courses to colleges. Colleges/Departments have five working days to review proposals and submit a Consultation Request proposal via Curriculog.) If no consultation is requested, University Curriculum Coordinator banks course and removes from next catalog publication.


Process for Unbanking a Course

To unbank a course, the Department Chair must send an e-mail to the University Curriculum Coordinator with a copy to the College Curriculum Coordinator. The e-mail should include the course prefix, number, and title of the course, along with the semester or term the course will next be offered and why it needs to be reactivated (made eligible to schedule). Once the e-mail is received, the University Curriculum Coordinator will reactivate the course in the course inventory so it can be offered again, and it will be added to the next available university catalog in the list of courses. Please be advised that course modifications of any sort are NOT permitted when unbanking a course. The course must be reinstated exactly as it was when it was banked. If a modification is required, a Course Modification Request will need to be submitted via Curriculog.
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