Request for Approval of Revision of a Degree Program/Major

Process for Revising an Existing Degree/Major

To make changes to an existing degree/major program in your department, you should first discuss these plans with your department chair. If your department chair is in agreement, you will need to:

  1. Log into Curriculog
  2. Select the New Proposal Icon, new-proposal
  3. Select the "Programs" Tab
  4. Select "Program - Degree/Major - REVISION"
  5. Select the "Start Proposal" icon checkmark to begin your proposal

 Note: Certain revisions to a degree/major program require approval from the Office of the Chancellor and/or review for WASC compliance; these types of revisions include a major title change, a degree type change or moving an existing on-ground degree program to a fully on-line or hybrid offering format. 

Once a faculty Member and/or Department Chair originates proposal in Curriculog, the proposal then moves through the approval process as follows:
  1. Department Chair (if not the originator)
  2. Dean and/or Associate Dean
  3. College Curriculum Committee (proposal may require additional Dean/Associate Dean review if significant changes are made at this step)
  4. Consultation (Newly approved curriculum reviewed by all Department Chairs and Associate Deans. Colleges/Departments have five working days to review proposals and submit any comments within Curriculog.)
  5. Academic Programs and Services (Technical and Articulation Officer Review and Director, Associate Dean or Dean approval depending on proposal). If proposal is deemed *substantial proceeds as follows:
    1. Committee on Academic Planning and Resources (CAPR), only if additional resources involved
    2. Committee on Instruction and Curriculum (CIC), if revision is deemed substantial
    3. Executive Committee of the Academic Senate (ExCom), if revision is deemed substantial
    4. Academic Senate, if revision is deemed substantial
    5. University President, if revision is deemed substantial
    6. WASC Screening, via Academic Programs and Services (if required)
    7. CSU Office of the Chancellor, via Academic Programs and Services (if CO approval required)
  6. University Curriculum Coordinator facilitates the completion of the proposal and addition into the catalog
*Visit Master Curriculum Calendar to read more about substantial revisions under the February 1st headline.
After the approval of the Dean and/or Associate Dean and College Curriculum Committee, the proposal will undergo a Technical Review and review of the Articulation Officer (for undergraduate programs) in APS, before moving on to either the Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, or the Dean of Undergraduate Studies of APS, depending on the proposal. Upon approval, the University Curriculum Coordinator in APS will send a list of approved revisions to the colleges for the purposes of review and consultation. The colleges/departments will have five (5) working days to review the proposals and submit any objections/concerns via the Consultation Request form in Curriculog.

Revised programs that have unresolved disputes by other departments, substantial revisions as deemed by the Office of Academic Programs and Services, or that require approval of the Office of the Chancellor or review for WASC compliance will require further campus review beyond Academic Programs and Services. This additional review includes the Committee on Academic Planning and Resources (CAPR) (only if resources are involved), the Committee on Instruction and Curriculum (CIC), the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate, the Academic Senate, and the President of the University (and CO approval or WASC review depending on revision).

Semester Catalog Curriculum Deadlines

Revised programs can only take effect in Fall Semester. Academic Programs and Services deadlines are outlined in the Timeline for Curricular Changes. However, college deadlines are set earlier, so please check with your College Curriculum Coordinator for college-specific curriculum submission deadlines.