Faculty Advising Fellows

The 2021-2022 Faculty Advising Fellows

Photo of Dr. Jason Daniels

Jason Daniels

Assistant Professor
Department of History
E-mail: jason.daniels@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-2358 (Office)
Office: SF 442
Office Hours: By Appointment
Photo of Dr. Varick Erickson

Varick Erickson

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
E-mail: varick.erickson@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-3471 (Office)
Office: SF 568
Office Hours: By Appointment
Home Page: https://www.csueastbay.edu/directory/profiles/cs/ericksonvarick.html
Photo of Dr. Cristian Gaedicke

Cristian Gaedicke

Associate Professor
Department of Engineering
E-mail: cristian.gaedicke@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-2208 (Office)
Office: SF 514
Office Hours: By Appointment
Home Page: http://www.sci.csueastbay.edu/~cgaedicke/
Photo of Dr. Chandrakala Ganesh

Chandrakala Ganesh

Associate Professor
Department of Public Health
E-mail: chandrakala.ganesh@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-2424 (Office)
Office: SF 541
Office Hours: By Appointment Using the Bay Advisor
Home Page: https://www.csueastbay.edu/directory/profiles/ph/ganeshchandra.html
Photo of Dr. Natalie Ingraham

Natalie Ingraham, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
E-mail: natalie.ingraham@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-7709 (Office)
Office: Meiklejohn Hall (MI) 4025
Office Hours: By Appointment
Home Page: www.natalieingraham.com
Photo of Dr. Summer Jackson

Summer Jackson

Assistant Professor
Department of Criminal Justice Administration
E-mail: summer.jackson@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-2462 (Office)
Office: SF 413
Office Hours: By Appointment
Photo of Dr. Albert Mendoza

Albert Mendoza

Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology
E-mail: albert.mendoza@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-3061 (Office)
Office: Physical Education (PE) 114/139
Office Hours: By Appointment

Amanda Morrison

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
E-mail: amanda.morrison@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-3484 (Office)
Office Hours: By Appointment
Home Page: https://amorrisonlab.wixsite.com/csuebanxietylab
Photo of Dr. Jocyl Sacramento

Jocyl Sacramento

Assistant Professor
Department of Ethnic Studies
E-mail: jocyl.sacramento@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-3255 (Office)
Office: Meiklejohn (MI) 4103
Office Hours: By Appointment
Home Page: https://www.csueastbay.edu/directory/profiles/es/sacramentojocyl.html
Photo of Dr. Jessica Santone

Jessica Santone

Assistant Professor
Department of Art
E-mail: jessica.santone@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-3325 (Office)
Office: AE 1215A
Office Hours: By Appointment
Home Page: https://www.csueastbay.edu/directory/profiles/art/santonejessica.html
Photo of Dr. Erica Wildy

Erica Wildy

Department of Biological Sciences
E-mail: erica.wildy@csueastbay.edu
Phone: 510-885-3471 (Office)
Office: South Science 325
Office Hours: By Appointment
Home Page: www.ericawildy.com