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  • ''If the bot can't answer my question, it will connect me with someone who will''- Jackie - Class of 2021
  • ''PioneerChat was so easy to use and answered all my questions''- Kira - Class of 2023
  • ''The PioneerChat gives quick and straightforward answers to many commonly asked questions.''- Adriana - Class of 2021
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What is PioneerChat?
What is PioneerChat?

PioneerChat is a 24/7 virtual assistant text support service for all current undergraduates with university questions. Our text AI responds quickly and efficiently.

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How do I get started?
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How do I get started?

A welcome text message (generally week 4 of school) will give you immediate access to more than a thousand college-related questions. To change your contact number, email:

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For more information about the PioneerChat at Cal State East Bay, please contact