A message from your ASI Board of Directors


Hello Pioneers, 

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this unrestful time. Our lives have drastically changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but amidst this uncertainty, we face a crucial point in history. We are faced with recurring tragedies in the form of the recent murders of George Floyd in Minnesota, Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, which have left us in anguish. As a community enriched with diversity and knowledge, we recognize that these troubling events are not arbitrary, rather they are a culmination of many years of targeting individuals based on their race. The recent protests serve as a strong example of frustration for the injustices and discrimination that continue to prevail in our country.

During these difficult times, California State University, East Bay’s Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI) upholds its mission to advocate for our diverse student population in order to make sound decisions for the betterment of the students. It is especially during these times where we must voice our solidarity to safely serve our campus community and share our thoughts.

It is ASI’s intention to serve our students in their times of need, especially those who are strongly affected by systemic racism. We condemn racism in every aspect and we stand with you as you use your voice in protest. As an institution that takes pride in diversity, we will not be silent to the injustices occurring. 

To our students, faculty, and staff; we hear you. We stand with you. Black Lives Matter. We recognize that we must do more to respond to the injustices happening all around the country. We must demand justice, we must fight anti-blackness, and we must practice anti-racism. We are also calling on all of you to help us understand how we can help support you through this time.

As fellow students, we understand what a tremendous toll these times can take on each of us. We are sharing with you a list of resources that can possibly help lessen the burden of today’s pain and provide you with tools to continue your allyship to support our community in the Bay Area.

  • Stay informed. Visit KRON4 for Bay Area news
  • Know your rights. Prepare and plan to protest safely considering social distancing suggestions
  • Sign a petition, send a donation, and share resources that support seeking justice for the movement
  • Schedule an appointment with a mental health professional. Your feelings are valid. Change making is an emotional investment
  • Practice Self Care: Experiencing and seeing discrimination over social media can be overwhelming. Meditate, take phone breaks, hydrate
  • Reach out. Call 1-800-309-2131 for Crisis Support Services of Alameda County, CA. or Text SHARE to 741741 for confidential crisis counseling

We hope that, as a diverse community, we can come together, provide support, and end the systemic racism corrupting our country. We, too, are feeling pain and anger like so many across the nation. We need change. ASI is committed to becoming stronger allies and fighting for social justice. We must consistently educate ourselves on racism and encourage our peers to do the same. We must be active in our participation against discrimination, and we must do what we can to show that racism and oppression of individuals no longer has a place in our country. It is on us to make the change that we wish to see in the world.

In solidarity, 

The Associated Students, Inc. of California State University, East Bay 2020-2021

Euridice Pamela Sanchez, President/CEO

Hoang Dao, Executive Vice President 

Brittney Golez, Vice President of Communications

Omer Shakoor, Vice President of Finance

Anjelica de Leon, Vice President of University Affairs

Jessica Iheaso, Director of Legislative Affairs

Zaira Perez, Director of Programming

Nicholas Brandao, Director of Wellness

Kea Kaholoaa, Director of Sustainability

Arianna Miralles, Director of Concord

Daniel Olguin, Senator of CBE

MyKale Clark, Senator of CLASS 

Tyler Enquist, Senator of CEAS 

Mirna Maamou, Senator of Science


During these difficult times, California State University, East Bay’s Associated Students, Inc. reserves its mission to advocate for a diverse student population in order to make sound decisions for the betterment of the students. It is especially during these times when we’re reaching out to you in solidarity to safely serve our campus community and share our thoughts.

As fellow students, we understand how difficult this experience has been. Despite our varying roles from siblings, parents, caretakers, and workers, we must come together to help each other like never before. 

Having been flooded with seemingly new information everyday, it can feel overwhelming to navigate through the mass of media available. There is no doubt that the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted our students’ communities in many different ways.  

The decision to convert classes from in-person to online was made as a precautionary measure for our public health and safety as it has been CSUEB’s responsibility to be proactive in continuing the operation of higher education in light of recent crisis and emergencies. The University will continue to focus on our well-being by utilization of planning, preparing, and responding to the following key areas of campus life: academics, research, resident life, business, medical, and communications amongst coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns.  As students, we must be equipped with the facts so that we can continue to help each other in this battle within our community. It is our hope that these resources provide you with the tools necessary to help you learn more about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) in order and to support you mentally, physically, financially, and holistically.

Academic Advising & Career Education (AACE)

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Pioneers for HOPE

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CA Dept. of Public Health 

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Student FAQs

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CalFresh Update

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Student Health & Counseling

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

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SCAA Online Tutoring

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Confidential Crisis Counseling 

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Undocumented Students Resources

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Food Resources

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Unemployment Concerns 

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Hayward COVID-19 Resource Portal 

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University Library

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ASI will continue to amplify the voice of the students as we pass through these uncertain times.  We are committed to finding solutions for the best possible outcomes. Please feel free to reach out to us with your concerns so we can discover a solution together. 

Forever Pioneer, 

ASI Board of Directors 2019-2020

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