Self-Scan Stations

Each of the flatbed scanning stations are equipped with the following assistive technology software:

  •  Kurzweil 3000
  •  JAWS
  •  ZoomText
  •  Dragon Naturally Speaking [Privacy Room #1 only]

1] LI 2550:

  •  ATSO Office: Canon copier

ATSO Canon copier

  •  Privacy Room #1: HP Scanjet 5590 flatbed scanner

HP scan jet 5590 flatbed scanner

2] LI 2400:

  •  AS Office: RICOH copier

RICON copier

3] Learning Commons:

  •  Learning Commons: RICOH copier

RICOH copier

  •  LC Station #82: HP Scanjet 8250 flatbed scanner

HP scan ject 8250 flat bed scanner

  •  LC Station #83: Epson flatbed scanner

 Epson flatbed scanner

Hours of Operations for Scanning Stations
Day Location Time
Monday-Friday   LI 2550, ATSO Office & Privacy Room #1 LI 2400, Accessibility Services Office 9:00 am - 6:00 pm 8:00 am - 5:00 pm  
All days of the week

Library - Learning Commons (LC)

Learning Commons website 

Refer to the following guides for instructions on emailing receipts to Accessible Media ( and as a self-service option to convert your own materials. Be sure to include your name and netID on any receipt documents emailed to Accessible Media.

Copy Machines:

  •  Guide for Canon copy machine: Word | PDF
  •  Guide for RICOH copy machine: Word | PDF

Flatbed Scanners: (Coming Soon)

  •  HP Scanjet 5590 flatbed scanner
  •  HP Scanjet 8250 flatbed scanner
  •  Epson flatbed scanner