Bay Card Redesign

The campus re-card is currently discontinued

The Bay Card Office remains closed and not open to the public. There are currently no in-person services being offered at this time including distribution of Bay Cards.

Your current Bay Card will remain active and can be used for campus services. 

 New Card Design


The Bay Card is undergoing a redesign. In early October students were asked to vote for their favorite design for the new Bay Card. Once votes were tallied the winning design was design #3. Please preview the new design below.




Thank you for your participation!



Receiving your new Bay Card


Door Access Enabled Bay Cards

If you currently have a door access enabled Bay Card, meaning your Bay Card can open a door with a computer-managed lock, you will be contacted by the Facilities Department when your  New Bay Card.


Non-Door Access Enabled Bay Cards

These are Bay Cards that cannot be used to open a door with a computer-managed lock. If you have this type of Bay Card use the link below to make an appointment to pick up your New Bay Card. Your Bay Card will be printed ahead of time and be ready to use by the date you select.

Hayward Campus - Your Bay Card will be available at the Cashier's Office located on the 1st floor of the Student Services and Administration Building (SA).
Hours for pick up: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Concord Campus - Your Bay Card will be available at the Academic Services Building.



Common Questions

Do I have to pay for a new Bay Card? No, you will not need to pay for your new Bay Card.

Do I need to submit a photo? It is highly encouraged for you to submit your photo to limit the delay in receiving your new Bay Card.

Can I use my high school ID to verify my identity? Yes, you can use your high school ID if you do not have a government ID.

Can I resubmit my photo submission? No, once your photo submission is approved you will not be able to submit another photo to replace it.