Resumes & Cover Letters



Virtual Resume Workshop

Due to updates of the Center Center and its platforms, the resume workshop is suspended until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.



 Virtual Resume Workshop will provide key insight and suggestions to help you develop a professional resume that is powerful and relevant.

Resume Resources

  • Resume TutorialYour resume is typically one of the first points of contact with an employer. Follow this guide to prepare your resume.
  • Target your Resume
    Learn how to tailor your resume for the position you are seeking without writing an entirely new resume every time.
  • Action Verbs
    Use these lists to help form action and result-oriented statements about your skills.
  • Building Your Resume Worksheet
    This fillable guide assists with establishing your resume layout and content
  • Jobscan
    Upload your resume to compare how well it matches to a job description you are applying for

Cover Letters & References

  • Familiarize yourself with 3 Paragraph and 4 Paragraph Cover Letter formats and figure out which one best enables you to market your skillset.
  • Try the ResumeGenius cover letter builder and follow up with your AACE Counselor for feedback
  • Always arrive at an interview with a list of References. This document will help you gather the information you'll need for a potential employer.