Harvard Business Review selects “The Future of Flexibility at Work” by Dr. Kaumudi Misra as HBR’s 10 Must Reads 2023

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This fall, the Harvard Business Review Press launched a new book - HBR’s 10 Must Reads 2023: The Definitive Management Ideas of the Year - which includes an article co-authored by Dr. Kaumudi Misra titled “The Future of Flexibility at Work.” 

HBR’s 10 Must Reads is a collection of ideas, insights and practices from thought leaders to inspire others to see things from different perspectives and make a positive change. The selection of Kaumudi’s article (with Ellen Kossek and Patricia Gettings) for this prestigious publication is testament to her contributions to the work-family research domain.

"An important part of our AACSB accreditation is thought leadership,” said Dean Gangaram Singh. “Dr. Misra is an example of a thought leader of the highest caliber. HBR is among the most influential publications for practitioners, and with her co-authors, Dr. Misra's article is selected for the best-of-the-best."

In this article, the authors advocate a more balanced approach to workplace flexibility that meets the needs of employees and employers equally. It outlines the benefits and downsides of flexibility at work, what flexibility looks like in practice, and how organizations should develop their own futuristic flexibility programs and policies.

"This recognition of our research on the future of workplace flexibility is exciting”, Kaumudi said. “Our hope is that with HBR's worldwide reach, it could potentially make an extensive impact on the way organizations and managers think about flexibility implementation, yielding mutually beneficial outcomes for employers and employees."

Kaumudi is an Associate Professor of Management at Cal State East Bay. She received her Ph.D. in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University and has been featured on MSN, NPR and NBC as an expert in human resources management.

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