The university provides software licenses for many programs used by faculty and staff members for academic and administrative purposes.

  • Site Licenses are pre-purchased for all university-owned computers. These software programs can be installed on university-owned computers without any additional cost to departments.
  • Volume Purchase Agreements (VPA) provide discount pricing, but individual software licenses must be purchased by the department before the program can be installed.
  • Work-At-Home (WAH) licenses allow faculty and staff members to install a software on their home computers without any additional cost for the software license, but there may be a nominal charge for media or distribution.
  • To obtain software for university-owned computers, faculty and staff members submit a request through the Service Desk.
  • For personally owned computers, please see Software Purchases for Employee Personal Use.

To request new software to be installed in a computer lab or smart classroom, please submit this form.

  • Allow 20 business days for us to complete software installations in labs or classrooms.
  • All software must be legally licensed (no shareware or trial versions).
  • You must provide us with a copy of the license and the installation media or access to the installation program.
  • We need you to help test the program after we install it.