Your AS Account

Each recognized student club/organization is assigned an on-campus account. Each account is uniquely named, starting with "AS" and ending with three numbers (AS ###). This account should be used for all business related to your student club/organization. All money collected by your club/organization should be deposited as soon as possible into your AS account. Money should not be kept outside of this account. This ensures full transparency and assures that club/organization funds are being used in a manner that's compliant with CSU policies.

You can access your club/organization's balance and account information by contacting your Student Life Advisor

The process of depositing money into your club/organization's AS account is rather simple. Follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Deposit Slip and fill it out completely. 
  2. Make sure any checks you are looking to deposit are made out to CSUEB, Cal State East Bay, or California State University East Bay with the name of your club/organization in the memo.
  3. Take the money/checks along with the deposit slip to the University Cashier (first floor, SA building).
  4. Obtain a receipt from the University Cashier. 

Cash Advance or Cash Reimbursement

As an officer of your club/organization, you can access money in your club/organization's account to use on any events you're looking to host. If you need to purchase food, supplies, or decorations (under $500), you may either do a cash advance or a cash reimbursement. A cash advance is where you receive the money in advance to make a purchase. A cash reimbursement is when you make the purchase with your own personal money and later get reimbursed out of your student club/organization's account. 

You may not use this process to pay for guest speakers, services (printing, photographer, DJ, etc.), or transactions that are over $500 regardless of the type of transaction.

To do a cash advance/reimbursement, follow the steps below.

1.  Go to Student Life and Leadership Programs (New UU, 2011) to obtain approval  from your Student Life Advisor

  • Complete the Student Club & Organization Funding and Reimbursement Request Form

2.  Bring the approved Funding and Reimbursement Request Form to the University Club Finance Coordinator at The Bay Card/Club & Organization Finance office, located on the second floor of the SA building, between 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (follow the red arrows)

  • University Club Finance Coordinator will sign your form
  • If the request is for an advance, the student will sign that they are aware that the original receipts are to be returned within two business days of event
  • Student will proceed to Cashier (first floor of SA) to receive funds

3. Proceed to the University Cashier

  • Reimbursement/Advance Request is submitted to cashier
  • You sign for receipt of funds

4.  Return original receipts to University Club Finance Coordinator within two business days of event (for advances). You must also provide copies to your Student Life Advisor.

  • Student Life and Leadership Programs approval form and receipts should be neatly taped to an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper showing items and total amount
  • Officers have been authorized by the organization to have access to the organization’s on-campus bank account as long as they have completed their Officer Recognition and Renewal Training Form. Monies collected in the name of the student club/organization must be maintained in a bank account of the university. Any exceptions to this requirement [e.g., national affiliated organizations or local organizations with a separate 501(c)(3) status] must be approved by the campus CFO or designee. At no time shall a student club/organization deposit funds into an unauthorized bank account.

Paying for Services or Transactions over $500

If your student club/organization is looking to pay for any services, travel (conference related expenses), or transactions over $500, contact your Student Life Advisor with at least three weeks of anticipation to figure out the best way to make the financial transaction. 


Club Funding

Did you know that ASI can provide funds for events your club/organization hosts? For more details, see the funding policy below. If you have any questions about the policy or need help filling out the request form, contact your Student Life Advisor.

funding info card

Seed Funding

Associated Students Inc. (ASI) has long been working in favor of student clubs/organizations of CSU East Bay. In an effort to empower the establishment of new organizations on campus, ASI provides a startup funding for such organizations. This application form is for a one-time funding of newly recognized clubs on campus. This start-up money in the amount of $300 may be used for establishing, organizing, and promoting new clubs/organizations.