Start a New Club/Organization

Starting a New Club/Organization is Easy!

 Having a hard time finding an existing student organization that fits your needs? Start your own! All you need is four other people who are matriculated CSUEB students with a GPA of 2.0 or better and a staff or faculty member employed by the university who has agreed to be your On-Campus Advisor. Below are the five easy steps to completing this process. 

Create the Club/Organization's Portal on BaySync
Login to BaySync with your Net ID and password and register a NEW organization. You will need your club/organization's information, including a constitution, roster, information on your (minimum of) five officers (name, Net ID, horizon email, and phone number), and the name, position, and CSUEB email address of an On-Campus Advisor who's agreed to serve in that role.
Complete the Intent to Organize Form in BaySync
You must secure the names and Net IDs of at least 12 currently registered CSUEB students who support and are potential members of the proposed organization. Each of those students will need to submit an electronic affirmation of support for this petition.
Complete the Recognition & Renewal Officer Training Forms
Once you submit the Club/Organization Registration Form, each of your officers will need to complete their Recognition & Renewal Officer Training Form. A minimum of five individual submissions, one by each officer, must fully be completed. The form will be tied to each officer's BaySync account, so it is crucial that horizon email addresses are entered accurately in the Club/Organization Registration Form. Our recommendation is to allocate at least one hour to complete this online training.
Complete the On-Campus Advisor Form
Every club/organization must have a CSUEB staff or faculty member that serves as the On-Campus Advisor. The On-Campus Advisor must also complete and submit their form to accept the responsibility of guiding your organization. The student completing the registration form for the club will need to email the On-Campus Advisor about completing their form on BaySync.
Meet with Your Student Life Advisor
Upon completing the previous three steps, your assigned Student Life Advisor (a Student Life and Leadership Programs staff member) will reach out to you to set up a meeting. During this meeting, you will discuss the goals of your club/organization, provide different sources of support available to you, and review any questions you may have about the process, training, or policies.
Attend the Fall Leadership Conference
Attendance at the Fall Leadership Conference is required for all officers. We highly encourage ALL of your club/organization members to attend these important leadership opportunities as well.

 As a new student club/organization, you will have thirty (30) days upon submission of the Club/Organization Registration Form to complete this process. If you have any general questions, please contact the Student Life Advisor that matches the category of your club/organization.