Start a New Student Organization

How to Start a New Student Organization

Can’t find the club you are looking for? Do you want to create a new student club or organization on campus? This is the place to start! You will need to complete the steps below to get a student organization started. You will need five (5) students who are currently enrolled at CSUEB with a 2.0+ GPA to be an officer, twelve (12) supporting students, AND a faculty or staff member who has agreed to serve as your organization’s On-Campus Advisor to become a Recognized Student Organization (RSO).

Step 1: Create the student organization portal page on BaySync
You will need to complete the Student Organization Registration - NEW (non-existing) Student Organization/Un-Official Student Groups form. This form will give the organization a page on BaySync so students can find more information about the org.You will need the organization name, contact/social information, interest, category, and upload a profile photo of the organization.

Step 2: Complete the Intent to Organize Forms in BaySync
This step has TWO parts. You will need to complete the Intent to Organize - NEW Student Organization form AND have 12 supporting students submit the Intent to Organize - Student Support Petition. This shows you have put in thought about creating a student organization and that there are students on campus who are in support of the organization.

  1. Intent to Organize - NEW Student Organization
    You will need to submit your information (student who is leading the creation of the student organization), name of the organization, description and purpose, draft of a constitution, On-Campus Advisor information (CSUEB faculty/staff), and 12 students who are in support of the organization and potential members first/last name and Net ID
  2. Intent to Organize - Student Support Petition
    Each of the 12 students listed who are supporting the start of the student organization must submit their own form. You cannot submit on behalf of another student! This will serve as the students’ “electronic signatures.” 

Step 3: Meet with Your Student Life Advisor
Once you have completed the first two steps, you should schedule a meeting with your Student Life Advisor (Student Life and Leadership Programs staff) to discuss the goals of the student organization, resources/support, and review any questions you may have about the process, training, or policies.

Step 4: Complete Recognition and Renewal for the academic year
Once steps 1-3 have been completed, you will receive approval from your Student Life Advisor to complete the official Recognition and Renewal process to be a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) for the academic year. Every organization is required to complete Recognition and Renewal every academic year! During the Recognition and Renewal process you will be required to complete the following steps: 

  1. Organization’s Recognition and Renewal form on BaySync
    Login to BaySync with your Net ID and password and go to Organizations > Register an Organization > Find an organization to re-register and search for your organization name > click the blue "Re-Register" button 
  2. Officer Training on Canvas
    You and your officers will be added to a Canvas Course to complete modules for Officer Training. A minimum of three (3) and up to five (5) individual submissions, one by each officer, must be fully completed. Required officers are: President, Treasurer, and Vice President (or equivalent).
  3. On-Campus Advisor on BaySync
    Every student organization must have a CSUEB staff or faculty member that serves as the On-Campus Advisor. The On-Campus Advisor must also complete and submit their form to accept the responsibility of guiding your organization. The officer completing the registration form will need to email the On-Campus Advisor to request they complete the On-Campus Advisor form in BaySync. Off-Campus Advisors are optional, not required.

 You can follow the steps here: 

Step 5: Attend the Fall Leadership Conference
Attendance at the Fall Leadership Conference and Spring Symposium is required for ALL officers! It is open to all students and we highly encourage all student organization members to attend these leadership building opportunities. 

As a new student organization, you will have thirty (30) days upon submission of the Registration Form to complete this process. If you have any questions, please contact us at or

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