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Cal State East Bay is committed to supporting all communities in the regions we serve. Our Institutional Mission, Shared Strategic Commitments and Institutional Learning Outcomes express the value the university places on community engagement as part of our students’ educational experiences.

The Center for Community Engagement at Cal State East Bay strives for a collaborative and cohesive approach to community engagement within the University to support positive growth for our students and the East Bay region. Our community partners represent a broad scope of non-profit, social service, and public entities that contribute to community needs such as education, arts, equity, community health, food security, housing security, and sustainability.

The CCE is housed in Academic Affairs and reports to the Associate Provost. We support community-engaged learning connected to courses, and host a co-curricular program, Pioneers for Change, that focuses on leadership development and civic learning through community service, with opportunities for all students. We believe that bringing students together around community engagement connects them to the university, helps shape their future goals, and enhances personal development.

Our Mission: Together with our university and community partners, we work to co-create equitable and impactful community engagement experiences that: 

  • Inspire students to persist with their education;
  • Empower students to participate actively within their communities;
  • Recognize and include the diversity and strengths of our communities;
  • Invigorate the academic life of the university
Our Strategic Pillars: We bring stakeholders together to cultivate relationship, understanding, and respect, while ensuring we:
  • Listen to stakeholders’ expectations, concerns, and needs;
  • Use this knowledge to create responsive systems and resources;
  • Reflect on challenges and successes to affect consistent and reliable infrastructure;
  • Share regularly what is happening with stakeholders and the Center so that we collaborate responsibly and transparently.

Center for Community Engagement Complete Strategic Plan

Donations will enable us to support student programs and give back to the partners that collaborate with us. Monetary donations in any amount will help fund the following:

 *For student and community impact data, please see the CCE's annual reports posted on our About page.