CSR Event Dates, RSVPs, and Deadlines

2021-22 CSR Workshops

All workshops will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15pm to 1:15pm during the University Hour and will be hosted on Zoom only, no in-person attendance required. In order to get tuition support for attendance to a workshop you must have submitted an RSVP for that workshop or Forever Pioneer Talk. 

RSVP deadline for workshops and Forever Pioneer Talks for Fall semester is Thursday, September 30, 2021. RSVP deadline for workshops and Forever Pioneer Talks for Spring semester is Friday, January 21, 2022. Cancellation Policy for workshops and Forever Pioneer Talks is you must cancel 48 business hours in advance. By Friday for Tuesday workshops and by Tuesday for Thursday workshops. 

***For all workshops and FPS Talks from 12:15pm-12:25pm will be Scholar Social Time in Breakout Rooms. You must arrive on Zoom to the workshop/FPS talk no later than 12:15pm. If you have class that runs all the way until 12:15pm you must arrive by 12:20pm***

The RSVP links below are only for Scholars who would like to attend a workshop for their own interest and not for tuition support purposes. If you are a Scholar who is attending workshops as your tuition earning path, do not RSVP here, complete your "Tuition Pathway Confirmation" form.

 Fall Semester Workshops

10/7/21 “Time Management” by Dr. Jenny O 

10/14/21 “Forever Pioneer Scholar (FPS) Talk #1” by Sandra Torres, Hamed Jalala, and special guest CSR Alumna Karen Parada

10/28/21 “Learning vs. Performance: Getting in the right mindset to maximize your development” by Dr. Jenny O 

11/4/21 “Forever Pioneer Scholar (FPS) Talk #2” by Aa'ishah Riaz, Patricia Ruiz-Mena, and special guest CSR Alumna Claudia Romero-Medina

11/16/21 "So you're working with a faculty mentor on a project: What to expect and how to make the most of your experience" by Dr. Nazzy Pakpour 

11/18/21 “Forever Pioneer Scholar (FPS) Talk #3” by Alex Moreno, Greg Mwamba, and Aarohi Shah


Spring Semester Workshops

2/3/22 "Communication" by Dr. Jenny O 

2/10/22 "Stress Management" by Dr. Jenny O  

2/17/22  "Forever Pioneer Scholar (FPS) Talk #4" by Raneen Abdulkhaliq, Michelle Gee, and Amy Marshall  

2/24/22  "The path to your future career is not always linear...or smooth" panel including Dr. Michael Stanton and Dr. Eve Higby

3/3/22 "Forever Pioneer Scholar (FPS) Talk #5" by Sepehr Khosravi, Natisha Prasad, and Destiny Mendoza