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CSR Event Dates, RSVPs, and Deadlines

2019-20 CSR Workshops

Spring workshops will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15pm to 1:05pm during the University Hour and located in the South Science Building room 205(S-SC205). RSVP deadline for Spring semester workshops is 1/21/20 and for Forever Pioneer Research Talks in Spring semester is 1/28/20. You may attend the workshop via Zoom, but you must set this up with the CSR separately by emailing and sending proof of why you cannot attend in person(i.e. work schedule, class schedule showing in Concord for that day, etc.) by January 21, 2020. Cancellation Policy for workshops is you must cancel 48 business hours in advance. By Friday for Tuesday workshops and by Tuesday for Thursday workshops.


Spring Workshops


Forever Pioneer Research Talk RSVPs will be posted once we confirm we have FPS to teach them. You may RSVP for the other workshops now, location may change due to scheduling.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may get the zoom link for these workshops below if you signed up after we reached room capacity. 

1/28/20 Forever Pioneer Research Talk by Prema Polit

1/30/20 Forever Pioneer Research Talk by Karen Parada

2/4/20 “Life after the Master's degree: What are my career path options?” by Dr. Fadi Castronovo 

2/11/20 “How to read Journal Articles” by Dr. Elena Dukhovny

2/13/20 “New Pioneer Scholar Poster Workshop and Networking/professionalism” by Dr. Jenny O  **New Pioneer MANDATORY workshop**

2/18/20 “So you're doing research with a faculty mentor: What to expect as a student-researcher” by Dr. Ruth Tinnacher **New Pioneer Scholar suggested workshop** 

2/20/20 “How your faculty mentor can help you, the give and take” by Dr. Jenny O

 2/25/20 “Poster Workshop”(there are 2 of these, but they are the same so only sign up for one) by Dr. Jenny O 

2/27/20 “Imposter Syndrome: It's not just you, we all have it. Tips to accept and mitigate Imposter Syndrome thoughts and feelings.” by Dr. Amy Furniss **New Pioneer Scholar suggested workshop**

3/3/20 “Poster Workshop”(there are 2 of these, but they are the same so only sign up for one) by Dr. Jenny O

3/5/20 "Enabling Open Access Research with Open Source Software" by Linda Beverly 

3/10/20 “Crafting Personal Statements/Cover Letters” by Dr. Jenny O

3/12/20 "Towers of Hanoi and Binary Counting" by Sandra Torres ATTENDANCE IS ZOOM ONLY, DO NOT SHOW UP IN PERSON

3/19/20 Forever Pioneer Research Talks by Alana Benn ATTENDANCE IS ZOOM ONLY, DO NOT SHOW UP IN PERSON

3/24/20 "Isolation and Characterization of Bacterial Species within the Nudibranch T. tetraquetra microbiome" by Kanoa Redic ATTENDANCE IS ZOOM ONLY, DO NOT SHOW UP IN PERSON


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