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Caron  Inouye

Professor of Biology, Director of General Education, Chair of General Studies

Department of Biological Sciences

Currently serving as the Director of General Education and Chair of General Studies.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

  • The effects of retrieval strategies and cognitive load reduction on student learning
  • Course/curriculum reform and special programs and impacts on STEM student persistence and graduation
  • Assessment strategies and assessment tools for gauging student learning outcomes at course, program, and institutional levels
  • Impacts of STEM K-12 partnerships on higher education faculty

Environmental Toxicology, Avian Physiological Ecology

  • Physiological/toxicological effects of organic pollutants, such as brominated flame retardants, on birds and other animals
  • The physiological bases for carotenoid color variation in birds and other animals

  • Ph.D. in Biology, UCLA
Fall Semester 2022
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
GS 43001Educ Abroad & NseARRARROverseas

Inouye, C., C. Ouyang, S. Couch, and E. Yeager.  2015.  Improving STEM retention at CSU East Bay.  Peer Review 17(2).

M. Korb, D. LeDuc, C. Inouye, M. Jensen, and J. Seitz.  2015.  Policy in support of pedagogy: Collaboration among scientists, science educators, and engineers in preparing qualified K-8 STEM teachers.  Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies 5(1): 51-60. 

Soules, A., S. Nielsen, D. LeDuc, C. Inouye, J. Singley, E. Wildy, and J. Seitz.  2014.  Embedding multiple literacies into STEM curricula.  College Teaching 62(4): 121-128.  

Reciprocal Learning in Science Professional Development: Faculty Shift their Practice, National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual International Conference (presented talk), 2016

Whiteboarding Draws Upon Multiple Learning Processes to Increase Performance in a College Biology Course, American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting (co-presented talk), 2016

Theme-based Approach to the SUCCESS Freshman Learning Experience, CSU STEM Collaboratives Annual Meeting (co-presented talk), 2015

Systems and Networks Building at CSUEB to Support Excellence in STEM Education, Keck/PKAL Annual Meeting (co-presented talk), 2013

Programmatic Excellence and Innovation in Learning: Supporting Learning and Assessment through Interdisciplinary Faculty and Staff Collaborative Research Projects, WASC Academic Resource Conference (co-presented talk), 2013

From almond tortes to Prezi: strategies to actively engage students, CSUEB Back to the Bay Conference (co-presented talk), 2012

Alternative learning solutions project at CSUEB, CSUEB Back to the Bay Conference (co-presented talk), 2012

Science assessment: Using multiple measures, Integrated Middle School Science Project Program Summer Institute (co-presented talk), 2012

Hybrid course design: develop, create, and deliver, CSU Institute for Teaching and Learning (co-presented webinar), 2011

Using clickers to enhance student engagement, CSUEB Back to the Bay Conference (talks in 2008, 2009, 2010), SF State University (invited talk in 2011)

Team-based learning in large lecture courses: effective even in small doses, American Society of Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators (poster), 2010

Using a digital library to enhance teaching and learning, CSUEB Back to the Bay Conference (talk), 2008

Health risks associated with BPA in plastics, Bay Area People with Rosy Chu, KTVU/Fox Channel 2 (TV interview), 2008

The House Sparrow as a model for PBDE exposure, NorCal Society of Environmental Toxicologists & Chemists (poster), 2006

Making lemonade from a lemon: renovating a physiology course with existing resources, CSU Regional Symposium on University Teaching (talk), 2006

Emerging themes in an interdisciplinary faculty learning community, CSU Regional Symposium on University Teaching (co-presented talk), 2006

Less is more: strategies for maximizing student learning in an animal physiology laboratory, Northern California Science Education Symposium (talk), 2006

From food to feather: the physiology of color variation in the House Finch, CSU Northridge Biology Colloquium (invited talk), 2001


High Impact Practices Workshop Series: Collaborative Learning, CSUEB Office of Faculty Development, 2016

Twitters and clickers: using surveys to engage students, CSUEB Office of Faculty Development, 2010

Human physiology, Bay Area Science Project/Lawrence-Berkeley Laboratory, multiple workshops, 2006

Birds of Hayward Shoreline, Bay-Area Environmental Science & Teaching Institute, 2003

CSU Chancellor's OFfice/Helmsley Charitable Trust, STEM Collaboratives Grant, Principal Investigator, 2015-2017

CSU Chancellor's Office Proven Lead Faculty, 2015-2016

CSU Chancellor's Office Promising Practices Course Redesign Grants, Co-PI, 2013-15, 2014-16

Programmatic Excellence & Innovation in Learning Project Implementation Grant, Principal Investigator, 2012-2013

Bechtel Phase III: Developing and Enhancing Multiple FLGS Pathways, Key Faculty, 2012-2015

Alternative Learning Solutions Program Grant, Faculty Awardee, 2012

Bechtel Phase II: Model FLGS Community Grant Program, Key Faculty, 2011-2012

Bechtel Foundational Science Partnership: Model Collaboration Between Universities on Improved Science Preparation for K-8 Teachers, CSUEB Faculty Team Member, 2012

CSUEB Office of Faculty Development Faculty in Residence (FIR) Program, FIR for Active & Engaged Learning Across the Curriculum, 2012

Service Learning in STEM Faculty Honorarium, 2011

CSUEB Office of Faculty Development Faculty Learning Community Program, FLCs on Assessment (2011), Hybrid & Online Course Design (2010), The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (2008)

NSF Integrated Middle School Science Project Grant, Lead Faculty, 2010-2015 

Bechtel Phase I: Foundational Level General Science (FLGS) Grant Program, Key Faculty, 2010-2012

NASA LIFTOFF - K-12 Competitive Grant, Core Faculty, 2009-2011

NSF/Noyce Teaching Fellowship Program Grant, Co-Principal Investigator, 2009-2011

NSF/American Society of Microbiology Biology Scholars Research Residency Program, BSP Scholar, 2009-2010

NSF/AAAS Bioscience Educators' Network (BEN) Scholars Program, BEN Scholar, 2008-2010

Bechtel Model Community Transfer Project for Math and Science Teachers, Faculty Dialogue Leader, 2008-2010

CSUEB Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity Grant, multiple awards, 2001-2008

CSUEB Excellence in Teaching Award, 2006


CSU General Education Task Force, 2017-Present


GE Subcommittee, 2016-Present

ILO Subcomittee, 2016-Present

Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Project, 2016-17

COBRA Subcommittee on Classroom Design, 2015

Critical Thinking Assessment Project 2013-14

Educational Effectiveness Committee, 2012-Present

AAC&U/Project Kaleidoscope Project Team Leader, 2012-15

Committee on Academic Planning and Review (CAPR), 2011-13

McNair Scholars Program Research Mentor, 2012-13

LSAMP Program Research Mentor, 2011-13

University Honors Program Faculty Mentor, 2010, 2012

Faculty Hearing Committee, 2012

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO) Subcommittee, 2011 – present

WASC ILO Task Force, 2011

ILO Forum Participant, 2011

Education Summit: Preparing for College & Career Success for African American & Latino Youth, 2011

Major Exploration Workshop, 2011

Faculty Development Interdepartmental Faculty Mentoring Program, 2010

Search Committee for Provost and VP of Academic Affairs, 2009-10

iClicker Faculty Representative, 2009 - present

University Basic Skills Appeals Committee, 2002 – present

University Fairness Committee (Chair, 2009-2010), 2004-2006, 2008-2010

University Library Advisory Committee, 2008-2010

WASC Outcome Team for the University Library, 2003-2006

Non-Grade Related Student Complaints Committee, 2005-2006

Fairness Hearing Panel (Chair), 2005

Discrimination Hearing Panel, 2005

Faculty Focus Group on Library Services, 2002

College of Science

STEM Education Institute Board of Directors, 2011- present

Search Committee for Director of the Center for Science Education (Chair), 2011

College of Science Curricular Committee (Chair, 2003, 2006-2007), 2002-2009

Department of Biological Sciences

Search Committee for Tenure-Track Evolutionary Ecologist, 2012-2013

Search Committee for Tenure-Track Physiologist (Chair), 2011-2012

Search Committee for Office Manager, 2011-2012

Assessment Committee, 2010-present

Curriculum Committee, 2002-2005, 2009-present

Search Committee for Tenure-Track Physiologist, 2006-2007

Graduate Admissions Committee, 2002-2005

Teaching Assistant Training Committee, 2001-2002

Academic Advisor, 2001-present

Department of Earth and Environmental Science

Search Committee for Tenure-Track Environmental Science/STEM Ed Faculty, 2012-2013

Environmental Science B.S., Life Science Option Advisor, 2009 - present

Community Service

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory Science Advisory Board, 2009 - present

Girls Achieving in Non-Traditional Subjects Club, Peterson Middle School, Sunnyvale (presenter), 2012

Chabot Elementary School, Castro Valley (science activity leader), 2012

Growing Years Pre-school, Castro Valley (science activity leader), 2012

Bay Area Science Festival (science exhibitor and volunteer), 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011

San Leandro High School College Experience (science workshop planner & presenter), 2010

Vannoy Elementary School, Castro Valley (science activity leader), 2010, 2011

Mira Vista Elementary School, Richmond (science activity leader, science fair project supervisor), 2009

Sulphur Creek Nature Center’s 20th Annual Wildlife Fair (exhibitor & volunteer), 2006

Girls, Inc., Science and Engineering Panel (presenter & panelist), 2005

Minority Science & Engineering Improvement Program, Contra Costa College (faculty research mentor), 2002-2003

  1. Produced two children (now a tween and a teen) who get to school on time nearly every day
  2. Care for two rescued dogs who don't get sprayed by skunks nearly as much as they used to
  3. Able to mix up deskunking solution by memory and in a semi-conscious state in the middle of the night when my dogs always seem to get skunked
  4. Always have at least 2 x 32 oz. bottles of H2O2 on hand (see accomplishment 3)