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Michael  Massey

Associate Professor

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Michael Massey is an associate professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. He teaches primarily Environmental Science (ENSC) courses, and his research focuses on soil and water chemistry. Other scientific interests include water and wastewater treatment, hazardous waste management, agricultural waste management, and space exploration.

Mike's professional focus is natural science and environmental science education and research. An understanding of the natural world and natural/human processes that alter the environment is crucial for 21st century citizens and scientists. Aside from the classroom, teaching laboratory, and field, Mike's disciplinary research specialty is the environmental chemistry of nutrients and contaminants in soil. He uses spectroscopy (measuring how light interacts with matter) to study natural processes and mechanisms. In particular, Mike focuses on x-ray spectroscopy using instruments ranging from handheld x-ray analyzers all the way to large particle accelerators (e.g., the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory).

  • Ph.D., Stanford University
  • M.S., Colorado State University
  • B.A., Stanford University

Not teaching this semester.

For a relatively up-to-date list of publications, check out Google Scholar and/or ResearchGate!

Rosemary and Matthew Spitzer Distinguished Science Faculty Award, 2018