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Natalie Ingraham, PhD, MPH Faculty Profile

Photo of Natalie Ingraham

Natalie  Ingraham, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology & Social Services

Natalie Ingraham, PhD, MPH earned her PhD in Sociology from UC San Francisco in 2016. She has also conducted qualitative research on gender and reproductive health as a staff research associate at Advancing New Standards in Reproduction Health (ANSIRH) at UCSF and in the Dept. of Social Welfare at UC Berkeley. She is interested in the intersections of body size, gender, sexuality and health. Her dissertation examined three data sets at this intersection: sin and redemption narratives on fatness in The Biggest Loser, body size experiences of lesbian and bisexual women over 40 and a situational analysis of Health at Every Size.  She completed a BS in Psychology from University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and earned Master of Public Health degree from Indiana University. More information including her teaching and publication/research experience can be found at

Medical sociology, body size, gender, LGBTQ studies, health disparities, mixed methods.

  • PhD in Sociology, University of California, San Francisco
  • Master's in Public Health, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • BS in Psychology, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Fall Semester 2019
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
SOC 39002Research MethodsM12:00PM1:40PMMI-4075Hayward Campus
SOC 49201Capstone Project SupportARRARRHayward Campus

Refereed Journal Articles

Ingraham, N., Harbatkin, D., Lorvick, J., Plumb, M. & Minnis AM. 2016. Women’s Health and Mindfulness (WHAM): A Randomized Intervention among Older Lesbian/Bisexual Women. Health Promotion & Practice.

Ingraham, N., Eliason, ME, Garbers, S., Harbatkin, D., Minnis, AM. McElroy, JA., & Haynes, SG. 2016. Effects of Mindfulness Interventions on Health Outcomes in Older Lesbian/Bisexual Women. Women’s Health Issues, 26: S53-S62.

Ingraham, N. Magrini, D. Brooks, J. Harbatkin, D., Radix, A. Haynes, SG. 2016. Two Tailored Provider Curricula Promoting Healthy Weight in Lesbian and Bisexual Women. Women’s Health Issues, 26: S36-S42.

Wood, S.F., Brooks, J., Eliason, M., Garbers, S., McElroy, J.A., Ingraham, N. Haynes, S.G. 2016. Recruitment and Participation of Older Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Intervention Research. Women’s Health Issues, 26: S43-S52.

Fogel, S.C., McElroy, J.A., Garbers, S., McDonnell, C., Brooks, J., Eliason, M., Ingraham, N., Osborn, A., Rayyes, N., David Redman, S., Wood, S., & Haynes, S.G. 2016. “Program Design for Healthy Weight in Lesbian and Bisexual Women: A Ten-City Prevention Initiative.” Women’s Health Issues 26: S7–17.

Garbers S, McDonnell C, Fogel SC, Eliason M, Ingraham N, McElroy JA, Radix A, Haynes SG. 2015. Aging, weight, and health among adult lesbian and bisexual women: a metasynthesis of the multisite “Healthy Weight Initiative” focus groups.  LGBT Health, 2(2): 176-187.

Ingraham, N., Pratt, V., & Gorton, N. Counting Trans* Patients: A Community Health Center Case Study. 2015. Transgender Studies Quarterly, 2(1): 136-147

Eliason, M., Ingraham, N., Fogel, S., Lorvick, J., Maurey, D.R., McElroy, J., & Haynes, S. 2015. A Systematic Review of the Literature on Weight in Sexual Minority Women. Women’s Health Issues, 25(2):162-75. doi: 10.1016/j.whi.2014.12.001.

Satinsky, Sonya. & Ingraham, Natalie. 2014. At the intersection of Public Health and Fat Studies: Critical perspectives on the measurement of body size. Journal of Fat Studies, 3(2). DOI: 10.1080/21604851.2014.889505.

Ingraham, Natalie., Roberts. Sarah & Weitz, Tracy. 2014. Prior Family Planning Experiences of Obese Women Seeking Abortion Care. Women’s Health Issues, 24(1), e125-e130.          

Ingraham, Natalie. 2013. Queering Pornography Through Qualitative Methods. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches. 3969-3992

Book Chapters & Encyclopedia Entries

(forthcoming in 2018) Ingraham, Natalie “Health at Every Size (HAES™) as a Reform (Social) Movement within Public Health: A Situational Analysis”. Book Chapter in The Body & Embodiment Handbook, Ed. Natalie Boero & Kate Mason. Oxford University Press.

Ingraham, Natalie. 2015. “Queering Porn: Gender and size diversity within SF Bay Area Queer Pornography". Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism. Ed. Caroline Walters and Helen Hester. London: Routledge.

Ingraham, Natalie. 2015. “AVN (Adult Video News)”, “Pornography, Genres of (overview)” and “Pornography: Feminist Porn Awards.” The Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality. Ed. Mark LaFlaur, Patricia Whelehan, and Ann Bolin. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.

Selected presentations:

2016    Ingraham, N. Out of Touch, Out of Time: Older Queer Women’s Engagement with Fat Acceptance Movements. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA.

2016    Ingraham, N. Health at Every Size (HAES™) as a Reform (Social) Movement within Public Health: A Situational Analysis. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA

2015    Ingraham, N. & Harbatkin, D. Removing barriers for LB women of size using cultural competency & motivational interviewing. Workshop presented at the Gay And Lesbian Medical Association Annual Meeting, Portland, OR,

2015    Ingraham, N. & Eliason, M. Lesbians Should Take the Lead in Removing the Stigma Associated With Body Weight. Association for Women in Psychology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA,

2014    Ingraham, N. Evaluation of provider-led, healthy weight program for lesbian and bisexual women over 40 in the San Francisco Bay Area. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

2014    Ingraham, N. Body size measurements in public health: A social justice & weight stigma perspective. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

2012    Ingraham, N. Risky Bodies, Prenatal Care & Fatness: Early Themes. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY.

2012    Ingraham, N. Queering pornography: Queer activism & sexuality in the Bay Area. National Women's Studies Association Annual Meeting, Oakland, CA

2012    Ingraham, N. & Dworkin, S. Food and Framing on the Biggest Loser. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

2012    Ingraham, N. & Roberts, S. Prior family planning experiences of obese women seeking abortion care. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

2012    Ingraham, N. Embodying Risk: Fatness, Sexuality and Public Health Risk. Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN.

2011    Ingraham, N. Sales, P. Duerte-Ludwick, M. Murphy, S. Prescription Drug Sales: Stigma & Dealer Identity. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.

2010    Ingraham, N. Queering pornography: Narratives of participation and diversity in queer pornography. Qualitative Inquiry Congress, Champagne-Urbana, Illinois.

2010    Ingraham, N. Is MySpace A Queer Space: Methods for Instant Message Interviews in a Qualitative Analysis of GLB Youth and Social Networking Website Use in Relation to Well-Being. Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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