Anne-Lise Reusswig started dancing in high school and went on to graduate from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Theater Arts. She then moved to New York, where she was a scholarship student at the Cunningham Studio and performed with many different choreographers. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Anne has appeared in works by Element Dance Theater, Lisa Townsend Company, Company Mecanique performing the works of Sara Shelton Mann, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Heidi Schweiker, Dandelion Dance Theater, Nancy Karp + Dancers, and Shift  >>>Physical Theater. She is currently educational coordinator and performer for Dandelion Dance Theater.  She has been teaching at California State University East Bay for the last 4 years.

Teaching Experience

CSU East Bay Lecturer 2007-Present           
Classes taught:Dance for All Bodies and Abilities, Ballet, & Exploring Creativity  Assistant Director of dance piece Tongues & X/Y/X        

Moresu Catholic High School Teacher 2009-2010            
Dance Focus- Freshmen Beginning Dance    

Dance Mission Children’s Program Teacher 2001–2007
Classes taught: Creative movement, Modern, & Ballet         

Dandelion Dance Theater   
Assistant for Workshop with Axis Dance Company 2008
Taught Workshops at Cellspace (SF) 2009-Present
Workshop at Dance Studies Conference UC Berkeley 2008

Element Dance Theater 
Workshop at University of Reno 2008 
Taught class to company 2001–2006

Beth El Preschool  
Creative movement class 2007 

Anna Yates School  
Modern dance class  2004-2005 

Merce Cunningham Dance Studio
Taught coaching sessions 1998–2000 

University of California Santa Cruz
Teacher’s assistant for Modern class 1994


  • CSU  East Bay  ICE "JK One" Dec. 2010
  • Shawl Anderson Dance Center Open Studios "JK One" Dec 2010
  • Baryshnikov Art Center (NYC)- "Ball" Summer 2010
  • B&H Video Project Choreographer and video editing 2010
  • CSU East Bay Choreography for Work in Progress showing Winter 2009
  • Tongues- Assistant Director Performed at CSU East Bay & Kennedy Center for the Arts D.C 2009
  • CSU East Bay Faculty Concert Choreographer Spring 2009
  • Moreau Catholic High School Choreographer Winter & Spring Dance Concert 2009-2010
  • Dandelion Dance Theater Assistant for Dance Choreographed for Axis Dance Company 2008-2009
  • Moreau Catholic High School Choreographer Spring Dance Concert 2007 X/Y/X Assistant
  • Director Performed at CSU East Bay & Traveling Jewish Theater (SF) 2006 Dance Mission
  • Children’s Program Choreographer for Nutcracker & Spring Shows 2001-2007
  • UC Davis Graduate Theater Thesis Show Co-Choreographer Spring 2006
  • Construction Company NYC dance/music collaborations Program 2 1999 
  • Emergency Fund for Dancers Benefit Performance at Merce Cunningham Studio NYC 1997
  • UC Santa Cruz student showings of choreography 1989-1993 

Performance Experience

Dandelion Dance Theater performed at UC Davis 2010, Highways (Santa Monica) 2010, Twin Space (SF) 2010, ODC 2009, Yosemite 2009, Noh Space 2009, Joyce Soho (NYC) 2009, Yerba Buena Forum 2008, Yerba Buena Mainstage 2008, Dance Studies Conference-Malonga Arts Center 2008, SFSU Human Rights Conference 2008, Cellspace 2008 & 2007, Highways (Santa Monica) 2008, Montreal 2007, Dixon Place (NYC) 2007, Brooklyn Arts Exchange 2007, Fool’s Fury 2007 & 2009, ODC 2006, 2005, and 2001, Cal State East Bay 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2001, The Electric Lodge (LA) 2005.

Element Dance Theater performed at University of Reno 2008, Counterpulse 2008, Cal State East Bay 2005, WOW festival 2005, Dance Mission 2005, The Electric Lodge (LA) 2005, Venue 9 2001, ODC 2001 and 2002.

Nancy Karp performed at Summerfest 2007, 2005, and 2004, ODC 2005, Cowell Theater 2003.

Lisa Townsend performed at Summerfest 2005.

Company Mecanique performed the works of Kathleen Hermesdorf, Manuelito Biag and Sara Shelton-Mann at WOW festival 2005, Summerfest 2004, Dance Mission 2003, Shift>>>Physical Theater’s show 2003, Motion Lab’s show 2003. 

Heidi Schweiker performed at Summerfest 2004 and Dance Mission 2004.

Undressed Project with Eric Kupers performed at ODC 2003.

Shift>>>Physical Theater performed at Summerfest 2002, San Jose State University 2002, and Dance Mission 2002.

Elke Rindfleisch performed at Joyce Soho 1999, Kitchen 1999,
Music Under Construction 1997, 1998, and 1999. 

Robert Altman performed at Kitchen 1998.

June Finch performed at Merce Cunningham Dance Studio 1997. 


Merce Cunningham Studio 1995–2000
Awarded merit scholarship 1996–1998 & Invitation to join company class 1996. 

University of California at Santa Cruz Bachelor of Arts Degree Theater Arts 1994 .

American Dance Festival 1993
Awarded Tuition Scholarship   Emma Willard School 1985–1989 Modern and Ballet training.


Not teaching this quarter.

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