Cultural & Awareness Months

Cultural & Awareness Months represent the plight, struggles, and effective activism of many marginalized, underrepresented and underserved communities. The Cultural Awareness  Month Structure provides an opportunity for CSUEB to devote institutional and individual time to recognize the contributions of specific communities that are represented at the University.  It provides an opportunity for campus-wide recognition, community-building and will impact students, faculty, and staff.  Each month will feature a keynote speaker, community dialogue, and artifact from the speaker (book, creative work, etc.). This speaker series is co-sponsored by the Diversity & Inclusion Student Center and the Office of Academic Affairs

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Cultural & Awareness Month Keynotes

2021 - 2022 Speaker Series

The 2021-2022 Speaker Series will be hosted in a co-synchronous or hybrid format in an effort to empower participants to attend the events in a manner that honors their safety and comfort. Individuals will have the ability to decide whether to attend a keynote via zoom or online. We are making every effort to ensure that participants, both in-person and online, will have an engaging experience. Our registration process has changed slightly in order to accommodate the new format. All attendees are required to complete the registration process regardless of how they wish to attend. There will be a unique registration form for each event. Select the event(s) you wish to attend and follow the instructions listed in the form.

Latinx Month | Curly Velasquez

Curly Velasquez smiling wearing a knit sweater, linen pants, and glasses. They are sitting on a stone retaining  wall with a hedge in the background

September 30, 2021 @ 12:15 PM, UU MPR

Curly Velasquez is an actor, content creator and artist who celebrates all things Latinx and beautiful. He began his career in fashion working for celebrity photographer David LaChapelle, and design icon Jeremy Scott before starting his own line. By the age of 25, he was celebrated as one of the “IT” designers in LA by H&M and directed a music video for Interscope records. Curly produces and appears in BuzzFeed’s Latinx division: Pero Like. You can also see Curly on Starz’s VIDA (Seasons 2 and 3) and Netflix’s documentary Mucho Mucho Amor.

Accessibility Month | Infinite Flow

Two dancers in front of the Walt Disney music hall, one dancer using a wheel chair supports his partner as she does a handstand off of his chair armrests.

October 14, 2021 @ 12:15 PM, University Theater

Established in 2015, Infinite Flow is an award-winning Los Angeles-based nonprofit and professional dance company composed of dancers with and without disabilities. Infinite Flow's mission is to dismantle biases, promote inclusion, celebrate intersectionality, and encourage people to learn something new about themselves and the world around them.

Native Awareness Month | Matika Wilbur

Matika Wilbur smiling as her fans out with the sky in the background behind her.

November 4, 2021 @ 12:15 PM, UU MPR

Matika Wilbur is from the Swinomish and Tulalip Tribes. She is the founder and photographer of Project 562 with a mission to Change The way We see Native America. Since Project 562’s genesis in 2011 Matika has journeyed 400,000 miles to create images of Native Americans from more than 500 sovereign nations, visiting and photographing Indigenous folks from all 50 states. The result is an unprecedented repository of images and oral histories that accurately portrays contemporary Native Americans. She currently co-hosts the popular podcast All My Relations, which invites guests to explore the connections between land, creatural relatives, and one another.

Social Justice Month | Dr. Joy DeGruy

Dr. Joy Degruy wearing a blue blazer and an orange shirt smiling.

January 27, 2022 @ 12:15 PM, UU MPR

Dr. DeGruy’s research focuses on the intersection of racism, trauma, violence and American chattel slavery. She has over thirty years of practical experience as a professional in the field of social work. She conducts workshops and trainings in the areas of intergenerational/historical trauma, mental health, social justice, improvement strategies and evidence based model development. 

Dr. DeGruy has published numerous refereed journal articles and book chapters and authored her seminal book entitled “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury & Healing.” She has also developed an assessment scale for measuring respect with regard to African American male youth.

Black History Month | Michael Eric Dyson

Michael Eric Dyson wearing a navy blazer and horned rimmed glasses looking directly at the camera with his hands clasped in front him.

February 10, 2022 @12:15 PM, UU MPR

Michael Eric Dyson is one of the nation’s most renowned professors, gifted writers, inspiring preachers, knowledgeable lecturers and riveting media personalities. As a professor who earned a PhD in Religion from Princeton University, Dyson has taught at some of the nation’s most distinguished universities, including Brown, UNC Chapel Hill, Columbia, DePaul, the University of Pennsylvania, and Georgetown University. He is currently the Distinguished University Professor of African American and Diaspora Studies, College of Arts & Sciences, and Centennial Professor at Vanderbilt University.

Women's History Month | Ericka Huggins

Erick Huggins leaning a against a rail infront of a large wall of lush green foliage.

March 10, 2022 @12:15 PM, UU MPR

Ericka Huggins is an educator, former Black Panther Party member, and political prisoner, human rights activist and poet. For 37 years Ericka has lectured in the United States, and internationally on human rights, Restorative Justice and, the role of spiritual practice in sustaining activism and promoting social change. She highlights the importance of inclusive grassroots movements that honor the voices of the marginalized, especially youth.
Ericka’s work as a speaker and facilitator is based in her belief in the greatness of each human heart. She believes that each of us has the ability to look there for the answers to questions about the future of our world.

LGBTQ+ Month | Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy smiling wearing red lipstick and a black and white striped shirt.

April 14, 2022 @ 12:15 PM, UU 311

Julie Murphy is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Dumplin (now a feature film on Netflix) and its sequels Puddin’ and Pumpkin, as well as other young adult novels Side Effects May Vary, Ramona Blue, and Faith: Taking Flight. Her adult debut IF THE SHOE FITS, is a modern reimagining of Cinderella. Julie lives in North Texas with her husband, dog, and cats.

APIMESA Month | Jose Antonio Vargas

Jose Antonio Vargas wearing a black shirt, looking directly at the camera while propping his head on one hand.

April 21, 2022 @ 12:15 PM, New Union MPR Side B

Jose Antonio Vargas is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, and theatrical producer. A leading voice for the human rights of immigrants, he founded the non-profit media and culture organization Define American, named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. His best-selling memoir, Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen, was published by HarperCollins in 2018. Most recently, he co-produced Heidi Schreck’s acclaimed play What the Constitution Means to Me, which opened on Broadway in spring 2019.

Event Accessibility

Each Cultural & Awareness Month Series event will be streamed via zoom with live captions. Some of the events will be hosted on the second floor of the University Union in room UU 311, an elevator is available at this location for individuals with mobility impairments. Individuals that require accommodations for any of the Cultural & Awareness Month Series events please contact Accessibility Services 10 business days prior to the event you plan on attending. email: | phone: 510-885-3868.

2020-2021 Archived Lectures

Latinx Month

September 17, 2020

A password-protected link can be provided to CSUEB campus community members. Please contact us at to get access.

Disability Revolution

October 15, 2020

Native American Month

November 19, 2020

Social Justice Month

January 28, 2021

Black History Month Keynote

February 25, 2021

The recording of the Melissa Harris-Perry Keynote is password protected and limited to CSUEB community members. If you would like to access the recording please email us at

Women's History Month Keynote

March 25, 2021

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

April 8, 2021

To view the recorded lecture please use the following link and password.

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: !gPGH68A


April 15, 2021

To view the recorded lecture please use the following link and password.

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: Z90kgzZ$

Dalit History Month

April 22. 2021

2019-2020 Archived Lectures

Latinx Month

September 19, 2019

Accessibility Month

October 10, 2019

Native American Month

November 7, 2019

Social Justice Month

January 23, 2020

Black History Month

February 20, 2020

Women's History Month

March 6, 2020