Workshops & Real Talks

Diversity and Inclusion Student Center Educational Workshops

The following workshops are designed and facilitated by CSU East Bay student leaders from the Diversity and Inclusion Student Center (DISC). All workshops are roughly 45 minutes to an hour and include a power point presentation, videos, and group activities.

While we will offer these workshops in the Center, the staff will also gladly bring any of the workshops right to your classroom, residence hall, or staff training. Email the Diversity and Inclusion Student Center to schedule your event.

The DISC staff is adding new workshops each year so stop by the Center to get a full list of up to date topics.

**Please note, we need your request submitted at least one week prior to your desired date.

Available Workshops:

Environmental Racism

This workshop will speak on the placement of low-income, and often minority communities in proximity of environmentally hazardous or degraded environments.

Get Your Hands off My Culture

Ever heard the term “cultural appropriation”? Have you been confused by what it really means? Then this is your workshop! Get Your Hands off My Culture is focused on the popular issue of cultural appropriation and what it is. During this workshop participants will also explore the blurry lines between cultural appreciation & cultural appropriation, and how to best respect and honor cultures different from their own.


Participants of this workshop will learn the history and origins of Intersectionality. They will also learn how intersectionality applies to various aspects of everyone's life, and use the concept as vehicle to help create connection across differences, and move towards change.


This workshop is focused around microaggressions, what they are and how they affect specific communities. During this workshop we will also address the social constructs behind language and challenge the beliefs of "negative" language within everyday life.

Objectification of Women in Media

Students will discuss the impact media has on the way women are viewed in society on a day to day basis.

Other workshops available upon request:

Safe Zone Ally Training: 

Would you like to learn how to be a better ally to the  LGBTQ+ community? Then attend our three hour Safe Zone training. This training is open to students, staff, and faculty. All those who complete the training will earn our Safe Zone Ally certification! This workshop is interactive and suitable for all  knowledge and experience levels. The training is available by request for groups of 8 - 30. We also offer the training once every quarter. Contact the DISC to find out the next available Safe Zone training or to request a private workshop. 

Real Talks

What is a Real Talk?

Real Talks are group discussions led by a facilitator that focus a specific issue. These “difficult dialogues” last approximately 50 minutes and encourage participants to get out of their comfort zone, challenge their beliefs, and learn from the experiences of others. Real Talks cover many current social issues and injustices. Contact the DISC if you are interested in hosting a private Real Talk for a class, club, or department.  Have an idea for a topic we have yet to cover reach out to someone at the DISC today. Check out the video below for examples of past Real Talks.