Spring 2021 Week of Inclusive Excellence

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Spring 2021 Week of Inclusive Excellence


Monday 3-8-21 @ 12-2 pm via Zoom

Film Screening: Walkout 2006. 111 minutes - Open to all

Walkout tells the true story of the Chicano students of East L.A., who in 1968 staged several dramatic walkouts in their high schools to protest academic prejudice and dire school conditions.



Tuesday 3-9-21 @ 12-2:30 pm via Zoom 

Addressing Unconscious Bias - Student-Centered but Open to All

Presenter: Amikaeyla Gaston

We will help participants uncover and tell stories about their biases and create new stories that push them to expand their boundaries while examining how unconscious bias is embedded in and acted out in the workplace and classroom, and provide tools for powerful and positive change.



Wednesday 3-10-21 @ 12-2:30 pm via Zoom 

Classroom Teaching Strategies: A Faculty Development Workshop - For Faculty

Presenter: Amer Ahmed, Ed.D

We will discuss the factors that affect classroom climate and what faculty can do to create a climate, set of expectations, or practices to encourage students to engage with these issues and to increase their comfort level in “being uncomfortable.” As we investigate these ideas participants can build their capacity to identify, talk productively and act to address white culture, white privilege, and their consequences in their spheres of influence.



Thursday 3-11-21 @ 12:15 pm via Zoom 

Soccer Without Borders Lecture - Open to all

Presenter: Ben Gucciardi, Founder and Oakland Director of Soccer Without Borders

Soccer Without Borders uses soccer as a vehicle for making positive change, providing diverse newcomer youth with support to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success. Come hear the experiences folx have had in leading this global organization with a strong East Bay presence, to promote social justice in our current times.



Friday 3-12-21 @ 12-2:30 pm via Zoom

Building Racial Equity By Transforming White Culture: A 21st Century Leadership Capacity - Open to all

Presenter: Amikaeyla Gaston

We will discuss how dominant culture narratives or norms – e.g. what constitutes a “family,” who is considered dangerous, intelligent, acceptable, and whose perspectives are valid – are codified in customs, laws, institutions, policies, and practices. They reinforce stereotypes and limit fair access in terms of who belongs inside and who remains outside circles of human concern.