Applicants with 3-year Bachelor Degrees

Conditional Admission to the Master's Program

Applicants who have earned a three-year bachelor’s degree abroad can combine the master’s program with one year of undergraduate study at Cal State East Bay to bring their qualifications up to equivalency with a four-year bachelor’s. Those who completed A- or O-levels prior to university study, or subsequently obtained a master’s degree, are exempt and do not need the extra year.

The year as a conditionally admitted graduate student is designed to help you prepare for the master's program in economics. Upon completion you will be unconditionally admitted to graduate study as long as you achieve an overall GPA of 3.0 and grades of at least a C in each class.


Apply to the Master's Program  via Cal State Apply. If accepted, you will be offered admission with Conditional standing.


Take at least three courses per semester (six in total) while conditionally admitted.

Take the following six courses or demonstrate (to the program director’s satisfaction) that you have already passed a similar course with a grade B or better.

  • MATH 180 Mathematics for Business with Calculus
  • ECON 210 Quantitative Methods for Economists
  • ECON 300 Microeconomic Theory I
  • ECON 301 Microeconomic Theory II 
  • ECON 305 Macroeconomic Theory
  • ECON 310 Introduction to Econometrics

If you have free courses, recommended further classes (depending on interest) are:

  • ECON 306 Money, Banking, & Financial Intermediaries
  • ECON 400 Game Theory
  • Any economics elective
  • Any prerequisite for QBM electives if they plan to pursue the QBM concentration
  • Any math, statistics, or computer science course