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Typical Schedule of Course Offerings

  • Fall (4 courses): Foundations of Economic Theory (ECON 600) + Advanced Econometrics (ECON 610) + 2 Electives
  • Spring (4 courses): Advanced Microeconomics (ECON 601) + Advanced Macroeconomics (ECON 605) + Applied Data Analysis (ECON 688) / Project (ECON 693) + Research Practices (ECON 670)
  • All courses start after 6 pm on weekdays


  • The microeconomics courses must be taken in sequence (600 before 601).
  • Applied Data Analysis (ECON 688) / Project (ECON 693) must be taken after finishing Advanced Econometrics (ECON 610).

Time to Completion

  • To graduate in one year, taking 4 courses per semester, students need to enter the program in fall and just take all courses that are offered that year in the General Economics concentration.
  • Or progress more gradually instead (up to five years). We generally recommend completing the core first.
  • The QBM concentration takes at least three semesters.
  • Students in each concentration also need to take the University Writing Test at any time.
  • To maintain status, those on student visas must be classified as full-time students. Normally, this means taking a minimum of two courses per semester.

MS Economics Degree Roadmaps

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