Recent Dissertations


It Takes a Team: A Framework for LGBTQ-Inclusive Leadership and Teaching

Lynn Bravewomon (2018)

Illuminating Student Voices: The Role of Faculty and Staff in Retention and Graduation

Richardson, Alison (2019)


School Justice: A Case for Understanding Brown Boys’ Behavior in Urban Middle Schools

Chaunise Powell (2019)

The Missing Link: The Need for Collaboration between Special Education Teachers and Administrators to Champion Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools

Heather Ferguson (2019)

Supervising Preservice Teacher Critical Consciousness

Sonal Patel (2019) 

Breaking the Barriers: Exploring Experiences & Challenges of Latinx Students Seeking to Transfer from Community College

Gregoria Cahill (2019)

Building Social and Cultural Capital in a
Community-Based Preschool: If Not Now, When?

Kelli Tharpe (2020)


Beyond Suspensions: Perspectives of Middle School Students

Robin Pang-Maganaris (2021)

Navigating Cultures & Myths: Case Studies of Asian
Adolescent Mental Health

Dung Kim Nguyen (2021)


¡Sí se puede! Increasing Latinx Male College Degree Attainment

Richard Watters (2021)

“Are we working together?” Engaging Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Families in Special Education

Kristin Vogel-Campbell (2021)

Black Female Intersections of Leading & Leaving: An Exploration of Sustainability in the Principalship

Sabrina Moore (2021)