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CSUEB's Social Justice League

The Social Justice League (SJL) is a student organization that is supported by the Department of Educational Psychology and recognized by CSUEB.

We are committed to fighting social injustices, promoting awareness about social issues, and providing resources and support to underprivileged communities. SJL promotes social justice through a variety of activities, both on and off campus. We are dedicated to spreading the message of social justice and building stronger relationships in our communities. We put words into action and volunteer with many organizations and give presentations throughout the year! All CSUEB students can join SJL and volunteer at any of the events and attend all meetings.

League Information

Our goals are to advocate for Social Justice at our University and in our communities. We volunteer with organizations and in the community to help underserved populations and be a voice for those unheard. We create opportunities for community service throughout the school year. Active student involvement is critical in change and social justice. We are always looking for opportunities to help our community and welcome all members and suggestions of ways to spread social justice!

Established in January 2011. Under the guidance of Dr. Oahn Tran Faculty Member in the Educational Psychology Department.

Since the SJL's establishment in 2011 our group, through the pioneering efforts of a few conscientious students we have grown and continue to grow and provide services to our community. We look forward to serving our neighborhood for many years yet to come. Even as we graduate and move from the area we will take our experiences here and further continue to serve our new populations.

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• Advocating for disadvantaged youth and underrepresented community members.
• Raising awareness for mental health services.
• Become aware of injustice around you.
• Increase your knowledge about issues of social injustice by reading newspapers, internet resources, and talking to others interested in creating change.
• Volunteer with an organization that is promoting change
• Have conversations with friends to spread your knowledge.
• Stand up and speak up! Intervene when you witness an injustice and let your voice be heard.

Become a member!

Membership is open to all CSUEB students. Members must be willing to attend monthly meetings & complete 1 hour of community or campus based service per semester.

To learn more go to BaySync.
For additional questions, contact or Dr. Tran

2018 Social Justice League Committee Members

  • Chelsea Simon
  • Heather Glickman
  • Tina Kim
  • Erika Brittain
  • Danna Huang

Community Counseling Center
Department of Educational Psychology
California State University, East Bay, AE 260
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94542

Phone: (510) 885-3007

Office Hours (Spring, Fall Semester): 9 am to 8 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Office Hours (Summer Semester): 11 am to 8 pm Tuesday, Wednesday


  • Dine 4 Dollars - March 20, 2015
  • Welcome Day - April 18, 2015
  • Al Fresco
  • Diversity Day
  • Alameda County Food Drive
  • Alameda County Crisis Support Services, Suicide Prevention Week
  • Alameda County Office of Education Abuse Prevention Curriculum
  • Alameda County Food Drive
  • Hayward Promise Neighborhoods Community Festival
  • Diversity Day - Heifer Project - Great American Condom Campaign - Social Justice League Movie Night
  • Alameda County Food Drive
  • Diversity Day

Community Involvement

Cal State East Bay students earning their master’s degrees in school psychology and school counseling promote social justice through coursework and practice in the field. They recognized that our local community has significant needs that require advocacy and support.

Our group is committed to partnering with agencies all over our local communities in an effort to combine the massive University student populations with the services in their growing areas.

The League is highly involved in spreading the word and providing vital information to promote awareness to major issues in the world today.

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Hunger in America
  • World AIDS Day (American Assn. for World Health)
  • National Mentoring Month

The Social Justice League (SJL) work across several areas of concern in the community. Our members can volunteer their time in a variety of ways here are just a few of our service areas.

  • Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force
  • Alameda County Food Bank
  • Love Don't Hurt (Non-profit Abuse Prevention Organization)
  • Other Club Fundraising/Campus Recruitment Events


Founding Members

  • Molly Weston
  • Gizelle Roberson
  • Ashley McDaid
  • Mary Champion
  • Vicky Breinyn

2011 Members

  • Lauren Todoroff
  • Mary Champion
  • Erin Waterhouse
  • Ashley McDaid
  • Diana Wilson

2012 Members

  • Tania Resendiz
  • Adrianna Raefield
  • BoAe Kim
  • Rebecca Kim
  • Tiffany Chen

2013 Members

  • Bonnie Baker
  • Dionisia Inocencio
  • Griffin Snyder
  • Maricruz Mez
  • Stephanie Chen

2014 Members

  • Megan Hill
  • Katherine Kory
  • Rachael Gai
  • Christina Reilly
  • David Alarcon

2015 Members

  • Megan Hill
  • Katherine Kory
  • Rachael Gai
  • Christina Reilly
  • David Alarcon

2016 Members

  • Megan Hill
  • Katherine Kory
  • Rachael Gai
  • Christina Reilly
  • David Alarcon

2017 Members

  • Isella Vite-Arguello
  • Erin Mundy-McCook
  • Victoria Tanaka
  • Vi Doan
  • Anisha Ramani
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