EXCEL E-Advising

The EXCEL program offers on-line advising is designed to help program participants have access to their Academic Life Planning Counselor for Questions and Answers (Q&A). The on-line advising system is not intended to replace the need to meet regularly with an academic counselor. Instead, a program participant may wish to communicate simple questions via e-mail between scheduled in person advising sessions.

Ways to use EXCEL E-Advising

  • Academic advising questions.
  • Provide resource information for student tutoring, financial aid and scholarships.
  • Direct students to appropriate on and off campus resources based on their needs.
  • Inform your Academic Life Planning Counselor what is going on with your course(s).
  • Ask questions about adding or dropping a course.
  • Not sure what to do. . .

Email Addresses for EXCEL Program Participant Counselors

  • Vanessa Abayon - vanessa.abayon@csueastbay.edu
  • Veronica Fong - veronica.fong@csueastbay.edu

Response Time

Due to Counselors' busy schedule and high volume of emails; you will get a response at the Counselor's earliest convenience.