Financial Aid and Your Fee Payment Deadline

Students attending Cal State East Bay must take action to cover tuition and fees by the fee payment deadline.   If your pending financial aid is less than your bill, you are responsible to pay the difference by the payment deadline.  If your pending financial aid is equal to or more than your bill, Student Financial Services will accept your pending financial aid as payment. 


Review the “How to Guide” to determine whether you have enough Financial Aid to cover your bill.


Note- Students who are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress for the semester are not eligible to receive Financial Aid. The Financial Aid Office conducts SAP calculations between the end of the semester and before the start of the next semester (in coordination with the Office of the Registrar and after the submission of grades by Faculty)  If you are on a 'SAP Warning or SAP Probation' please be aware that if you do not meet SAP for the semester, you will not be eligible for Financial Aid. Please visit this link or email us at for questions regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress. Note that submitting an appeal is not a guarantee that you will be approved and the review process is independent of the payment deadline. Please visit this link for information about installment payment plans. For questions regarding payment methods or payment plans, please email Student Financial Services at  

Remember that the aid that you receive is subject to proration (adjustment/reduction) if you are not enrolled in at least full time units. Financial Aid will recalculate your aid WEEKLY until the Term Census Date based on Federal, Institutional, and State Regulations.


How to Avoid Being Dropped From Your Classes

Students can avoid dropped classes if:

  • They have been awarded enough scholarships/grants/accepted student loans to cover all of the tuition and fees owed for the fall semester (through SUG, Cal Grant , or other federal or state loans, scholarships and grants); or
  • They make a final payment from other sources; or
  • They make the first payment in their installment plan before the deadline; or
  • They have a fee deferral on file with Financial Aid

Student loans

Sometimes, students are awarded financial aid that includes student loans. If you have been awarded a student loan and you need this loan in order to cover all of your tuition and fees, please make sure you accept the loan/s to avoid being dropped for non payment of fees by the payment deadline. Get more information about the student loan process or contact financial aid at

If you do not have enough financial aid to cover your tuition and fees and would like to establish a payment plan, go to this link to set up an Installment Payment Plan.

If your student record has been flagged for verification, submit all required documents as soon as possible so Financial Aid can process the disbursement in time. Students who have been flagged for verification will have this listed on their To Do list in their MyCSUEB portal.

Fee deferrals

In certain circumstances, fee deferrals are given to students who do not show enough financial aid on their account to pay all of the fees they owe for the semester by the deadline date, as they are expecting awards from third party sources (such as Americorps, The DREAM US, 529 plan, or other).  


Students who have a fee deferral will find this noted on their MyCSUEB portal. If you do not see a fee deferral noted but you think you should have one, please contact the Financial Aid Office at

For questions about your Financial Aid, contact

For questions about payment plans and other payment options, contact 

Check for financial aid or pay your tuition bill

  1. Review the “How to Guide” to determine whether you have enough Financial Aid to cover your bill:  
  2. If you owe a balance, there are several options to pay your fees:

Online Payment: Pay by electronic check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express) by selecting the payment link in MyCSUEB

A payment plan is available online in the MyCSUEB student portal which will allow you to split tuition fees into four payments. Installment Payment Plan. Be aware that the first installment will be due on the payment deadline.


Accept the student loan that you have been offered and review the information regarding the loans. Note- Students are not obligated to borrow any loans that are offered to them. This is an option. However, if you do not accept your student loan and you do not show enough financial aid from other sources to pay the total tuition and fees owed by the paymen deadline, your registration may be dropped for non-payment.

Do not wait to be automatically dropped if you do not intend to attend. Drop your courses ASAP if you do not want to be billed or incur prorated fees.