Give to the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

The disciplines within the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences are focused on people — how we express ourselves, how we think and interact, how we define our societies and how we serve others. CLASS embodies Cal State East Bay’s commitment to the arts, humanities and social sciences. The college fosters a deeper understanding of the human condition by supporting galleries, museums, scholarship and research, community service and engagement, and artistic creation and performance. Students carry their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom and into the East Bay community where they engage in partnerships with local agencies and groups to provide concerts, art exhibits, social work counseling, hearing screenings, support of immigrant populations and much more. After graduation, CLASS students become the much-needed work force of the East Bay in areas as varied as music, speech pathology, communication, teaching and law enforcement.

To make a transformational impact on the lives of students and East Bay communities, the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences has identified campaign goals within the university’s three primary focus areas: People, Place and Purpose.


The college’s highest priorities are its students and faculty.

Scholarships – The greatest need of Cal State East Bay’s diverse and largely first-generation student population is financial support. A scholarship is an investment in both an individual student and in the East Bay region. The student to whom you donate a scholarship today may be a professional you consult in the future. Your gift will ensure that funding is not an insurmountable barrier to the progress of a bright and creative student.

Faculty Excellence Awards – Graduates of Cal State East Bay affirm the positive effect that inspired, dedicated faculty have on student success. The CLASS Faculty Excellence Awards will recognize faculty who excel as scholars and teachers, and will enable faculty to remain current in their disciplines and inspired in their teaching. We expect these awards to enable recipients to conduct their research in the great libraries of the world, to perform and display their creative work in the most important galleries and concert halls, and to investigate global and local issues in fields as varied as anthropology, history and sociology.


The college’s highest priority is updating the University Theatre.

University and Studio Theatre Improvements – The University Theatre building, built in 1974, is the largest-capacity auditorium on campus. Whether hosting visiting dignitaries, showcasing performance groups or providing space for annual campus events such as Fall Convocation, the University Theatre has served as the location for the campus’ most important gatherings. It houses plays, concerts and dance performances for the Department of Theatre & Dance and the Department of Music. In order to maintain the building’s important role as one of the central gathering places for the campus and the local community, upgrades to the facility are mandatory, both to maintain its functionality and to ensure that the newest equipment and technology are available to students and audiences.


The college’s highest priority is an endowment to establish paid student internships.

Student Internship Endowment – Pre-professional internships pave the way for success as a student and a future professional, and allow students to partly offset their educational costs. Internships have long been a staple in the business community, but are generally not available in other fields of study. In order to expand the availability of this life-changing opportunity, CLASS is establishing an innovative endowment program that will provide internship opportunities in the disciplines of the humanities, arts and social sciences. Students will pursue internships at a wide variety of sites, including galleries, public agencies, community foundations and professional arts organizations, while receiving a stipend from the Student Internship Endowment. In addition to benefiting students, internships strengthen the ties between the university and the community.