College of Science

Educating Tomorrow’s Scientists

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Applied Sciences Center

The Applied Sciences Center will transform higher education - in the way students learn and work on real-world projects with cross-disciplinary teams using the latest technology. Thanks to many generous donors, we are close to having the building fully funded — help us reach our goal! The Center will house cutting-edge research labs, a Technology Collaboration Center, a STEM Lab and flexible learning classroom space.

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Student Research Assistant Program

The Student Research Assistant Program helps students gain first-hand experience while receiving valuable mentorship from partnering with faculty on research projects, a unique experience at the undergraduate level. The program provides funds for tuition and expenses and delivers experiential learning opportunities that current employers find invaluable. It also helps East Bay students achieve the self-confidence necessary to see themselves as scientists.

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Green Biome Institute

The Green Biome Institute (GBI), the first of its kind in the CSU system, aims to provide unique research opportunities for students while preserving the genetic diversity of plants in California by genomically profiling them. The goal is to help 302  endangered California plants from being lost forever with no understanding of their biology, ecological interaction, and potential human benefits.

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College of Science Scholarships

College of Science Scholarships are invaluable to our students' success. Nearly 70 percent of Cal State East Bay students receive some form of financial aid. Scholarships provide much-needed support to talented College of Science students working to achieve their academic goals. A gift of a scholarship keeps students on track to graduate and represents a meaningful vote of confidence from alumni and donors.