Green Biome Institute

The newly launched Green Biome Institute (GBI) is focused on conservation and faculty/student research involving genomic profiling and seed/tissue banking of California’s endangered plants. The GBI is the first conservation and genomic profiling institute in the California State University or University of California systems, and aligns with our focus on sustainability and the Biology faculty’s deep expertise in plant research.

Nearly 1,000 plants have been listed as threatened or endangered by the California Native Plant Society. Over 100 are listed as endangered and have no known seed bank by the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife. These plants are in danger of being lost forever, with no understanding of their biology, ecological interactions, and potential human benefits. The vision for the Green Biome Institute is to: 

  • Maintain and preserve endangered plants through propagation and seed banks 
  • Create and store a molecular profile of each endangered plant, preserving its genetic information to fuel research throughout academia 
  • Select endangered plants with relatives that exhibit useful traits including medicinal or the ability to grow in poor soils
  • Disseminate all information freely to the public 
  • Grow tomorrow’s scientists and leaders by providing an exceptional learning environment.

The institute will provide Cal State East Bay students with extensive experience with assembly, annotation, and bioinformatic software packages. This will make them even more valued employees in private workplaces or in the public sector.