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CSUEB Library

Library Fund

The Library Fund allows us to build a richer and more diverse collection to engage and inspire our students. The collections support student and faculty research across the disciplines. They include textbooks, online journals and databases, streaming video and the unique materials in our Special Collections and Archives. Learn more about the Library.

Student on laptop

Technology for Student Success and Innovation Fund

The Technology for Student Success and Innovation Fund helps our students access the technology they need to succeed. This fund enables the University Libraries to purchase digital cameras, audio-recording equipment, graphic design tools and more to ensure that all our students, regardless of financial means, are able to innovate and create digital projects and prototypes.


African Ancestry Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA) Scholarship

The African Ancestry Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA) Scholarship is open to Cal State East Bay students who identify with the culture and history of Black people in America and can connect their experiences to the impacts of racism on the educational journey of Black Students in America. Past recipients majored in a variety of disciplines such as Nursing, Business, Biology, Criminal Justice and others. Learn more about AAFSA here.

APIFSA Students

Asian & Pacific Island Faculty & Staff Association (APIFSA) Scholarship

The Asian & Pacific Island Faculty & Staff Association (APIFSA) Scholarship is a university-wide scholarship for students dedicated to serving the AAPI community through direct service, or advancing AAPI representation in their chosen educational field. Prior scholarship recipients include aspiring social workers, educators, psychologists, and engineers. Learn more about APIFSA here.


Chicanx/Latinx Staff & Faculty Association (CLSFA)

The Chicanx/Latinx Staff & Faculty Association (CLSFA) aims to advocate for and support opportunities for Latinx students, faculty, and staff at Cal State East Bay. We are pleased to offer CLSFA annual scholarships for the upcoming Fall term. Increase access, retention, and graduation rates of Latinx Students. While providing opportunities for Latinx students to engage in community. Learn more about CLSFA here.


LGBTQ+ Staff & Faculty Association (LGBTQSFA)

The LGBTQ+ Staff & Faculty Association (LGBTQSFA) exists to provide a space for faculty and staff to connect and coalition-build at CSUEB. The LGBTQSFA Student Scholarship supports the LGBTQ+ community through honoring and awarding our students for demonstrating a commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. Funding also supports recognizing our students through Lavender Graduation. Thank you for showing your support in helping our students work to change the world! Learn more about LGBTQSFA here.