For Room Owners

To see all calendars that you are owners of, just follow these steps:

  1. Under My Calendar, click Settings.
  2. You should see a list of rooms for which you are an owner. Select the appropriate checkboxes under the Show in list column. Only calendars that are selected in the Show in list column will be displayed in the calendar list to the left of the event grid. If you do not see the Room Calendar for which you are an owner, enter a Service Desk ticket.
    my calendar settings
  3. The Room Calendar will appear under your My Calendar list.

If a room that you own is not listed under your My Calendars list, enter a Service Desk ticket.

The Rooms listed as a Resource in Google Calendar automatically accepts or declines based on availability.

  • If a recurring meeting is scheduled and the room is unavailable for more than 6 of the days that is requested, Google Calendar declines the meeting series.
  • If the room is available for all but 6 of the meetings in the series, Google Calendar sends the requester notifications for each of the declined days. The requester can then select a different room for those meetings by editing their details.

Although reservations are automatically handled, Room Owners can make changes to the reservations but should communicate these changes to the event requester.

If you want to add or remove a resource from the Google Calendar please enter a Service Desk ticket.

To give a coworker owner rights to the room calendar, give them Manage Events and Sharing on the Room’s Calendar. The calendar will then appear under their “My Calendars.”

  1. Click the drop down arrow button next to the calendar you wish to share.
  2. Select Share this calendar.
  3. In the share with specific people section, enter the Email address of the people with whom you want share the calendar.
  4. Next to the name, click the drop down arrow in under Permission Settings and provide the coworkers with Make changes And Manage Sharing rights. This will designate them as owners of the Calendars.
  5. After you have set the permissions, click Save.

The people with whom you shared your calendar with will receive an email invitation to view the room calendar. The room calendar will then appear in their “My Calendars” area.

Provide them with the View a Room Calendar instructions.

  1. To view a room calendar that is in google calendar, click “Add” under Other Calendars.
  2. Select Browse Interesting Calendars.
  3. Click the More tab.
  4. Click Resources for
  5. Click Room.
  6. Click to the room calendar you want to add. The room name will appear under “Other calendars.”