Programs in History

The Department of History at Cal State East Bay prepares future middle and high school history and social science teachers seeking to pursue the Single Subject Matter Credential in Social Science. We offer a rigorous program of preparation, through coursework, to demonstrate readiness to teach in the fields of history, economics, geography, and political science at the middle or high school level.

Our program is designed for Cal State East Bay undergraduates, to complete as they seek their degree in history and related social science fields. If you are interested in completing this program at Cal State East Bay, please contact our coordinator, Dr. Elizabeth McGuire (elizabeth.mcguire@csueastbay.edu). Our program requirements may be found in the University Catalog, searching under "programs" and "single subject." 

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History Student Activities

The East Bay Historia

CSUEB's student journal of historical research

East Bay Historia is an annual publication of the California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) Department of History. It aims to provide CSUEB students with an opportunity to publish historical works and to give students the experience of being on an editorial board and creating and designing an academic journal. Issues are published at the end of each academic year. All opinions or statements of fact are the sole responsibility of their authors and may not reflect the views of the editorial staff, the History Department, or California State University, East Bay (CSUEB). The authors retain rights to their individual essays.

East Bay Historia’s mission is to promote the study of history at CSUEB, give history majors and non-history majors alike opportunities to express their passion for the subject, and to empower students, faculty, and staff who are studying or are interested in history.

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Annual Student History Conference

Each Spring, students are invited to present the research they have conducted over the past year, either in the form of paper presentation, roundtable discussion or research poster. Both MA candidates and undergraduates are invited to participate.