Semester Conversion in the History Department

A Guide to the Semester Conversion for History Majors and Graduate Students

The semester system is coming!  This is the last year to take classes on the quarter system, because as of Fall term 2018 – there is a new major and a new grad program, with new courses and new expectations.

For History students, this will not be a terribly difficult transition to ride out if you do, in fact, find yourself mid-degree at the time of the transition. You may finish your degree with the same expectations for course coverage that you have now in the quarter system – meaning we will find the right courses for you to take so you finish your degree with the same expectation with which you started.  You may also opt to switch to the new catalog, and complete the major with the new structure.  The choice is up to you!

But you do need advising! See advising path.

Let us help you accomplish this transition in the smoothest way possible, assuring your quickest, most productive path towards graduation. The CSUEB faculty made a pledge to put the needs of the students first – meaning that it is our job the guide you through this.  Please make an appointment with a member of the permanent history faculty ASAP!