Past Events

12-07-Pearl Harbor Virtual Beacon Lighting Ceremony

This December 7th, National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, three local survivors of World War II’s “Day of Infamy”—the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941—will share their stories as part of a virtual ceremony filmed primarily atop Mount Diablo.

Sponsors of the yearly event, including local land trust Save Mount Diablo, California State Parks, Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors Chapter 5, and California State University, East Bay, are proud to present a virtual celebration this year beginning at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Monday, December 7th.

In a 45-minute video, three local East Bay survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack will recount their experiences that fateful day. Speakers will then pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives and honor those yet living, “Lest We Forget” the tragedy that befell the country nearly eight decades ago and the way we came together after the attack.
As a final tribute, the “Eye of Diablo” Beacon will be lit, to shine throughout the night as a tribute to those who served and as a reminder of our strength as a nation when we come together.

Those interested in witnessing this year’s virtual Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Ceremony can find the video link on Save Mount Diablo’s home page at 4:30 PM on December 7th at

12-02-2020 Oral History Project

Please help us get the word out about opportunities for students and recent alums to share their housing experiences for our oral history project! Download the flyer for more information. Oral histories will be used in advocacy efforts to support access to affordable housing for college students. They will also be added to a special #MakeRoom page of the MyHousingStory site (led by Dr. Anna Alexander). We are excited to be working with Oral History Consultant Nikki Brueggeman on the #MakeRoom oral histories.

Join us for the #MakeRoom celebration on December 2 from 10:45-11:45. We'll hear from small groups who have been working on a tiny homes proposal, op-ed writing, legislative advocacy, social media outreach, and direct support and resources.
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