Public History at CSUEB

Public History Certificate

The Public History certificate is designed for students with an interest in pursuing a career in Public History. It is designed with the History major in mind, but is open to all students. Students are exposed to the issues of presenting history to a public audience, and also acquire practical skills through coursework that will help build their professional portfolio. The certificate requires a total of 22 units.

I. Core Curriculum:

  1. HIST 201 Core Course in History (4)
  2. HIST 402 Introduction to Public History (4)
  3. HIST 403 Introduction to Digital Historical Methods (4)
  4. HIST 471 History of the East Bay: Community Research and Engagement (3)
  5. HIST 410 Internship in History (4)

II. Practical Skills Application course:
Students are required to take at least three units of a "practical application" course outside of the department, in addition to the courses listed above.  The list below contains examples of such courses.  Remember that courses outside of the department may have pre-requisites -- consult the parent department to find out this information. Other courses may fulfill the requirement with permission of the Public History Coordinator.

  1. ART 101 Photography I (3)
  2. ART 103 3D Processes (3)
  3. ART 102 2D Processes (3)
  4. ART 152 Web Design I (3)
  5. COMM 260 Documentary Film Studies (3)
  6. COMM 335 Visual and Multimedia Storytelling (2)
  7. COMM 366 Digital Media Production Abroad (4)
  8. COMM 369 Documentary History and Theory Abroad (4)
  9. ENVT 320 Environmental Resource Analysis (4)
  10. GEOL 460 GIS for Earth Sciences (4)