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Academic Advising

Academic advising is key to your successful completion of your undergraduate degree in History. Please do not wait until the last minute to schedule advising appointments and avoid last minute rushes in the 1st and 10th week of the quarter. Remember, you must have completed a Major Check with your faculty advisor before you can apply for graduation. Applications for graduation are due no later than the last day of the drop/add period in the quarter before the quarter in which you plan to graduate (in early January for a June graduation, for example).

The History Advising Route

All new History majors and minors, and prospective majors and minors, should start their advising at the History Department office with Dr. Bridget Ford,  Department Chair.
Please contact Wanda Washington, our Administrative Support Coordinator, at (510) 885-3207, or at, to make an appointment. The Department Office will provide the necessary paperwork.  The Department Chair will determine what courses if any you may transfer into your History major.


Advising for Semester Conversion - a quick guide! The semester system begins Fall of 2018.

Follow these three easy steps to prepare:

This is essential – and in all cases, will work to your benefit.  They will see issues before they arise, and in the best case scenario, help you take the classes you need for graduation, and avoid any missteps.

Depending on where you are in your degree progress, you may choose to stay with the expectation of the current major as it is outlined for the quarter system, or you may choose to adopt the new major requirements for the semester system. For an overview of the new major under semesters, see Semester Conversion in History Department. 

The good news: either way, the transition is pretty easy for the history major. 

We will have new classes and areas of concentration, but those classes will all fit into the old expectations as well.  For example, you may want to take our new course “HIST 385 Race and the Modern American Nation”.  If you choose the new major catalog, this would work under one of our new thematic areas of concentration – in this case, Social Justice and Citizenships.  If you chose the old catalog, it would work for the US area of concentration. 

All skills courses such as HIST 2010, 3010, 4030, and 4031 have direct correlation in the semester system. Whichever you choose, it is our job as advisors to make this as easy as possible, and make sure no additional burdens have been placed upon you in light of this transition.

It is our recommendation that you do NOT depend on the online DAR at this point, until all kinks are worked out.  It can give you a good idea, but it really is essential to check in with a living, breathing human being in the department.

Faculty Advisors

  • SF Fourth Floor

Students should meet with their Faculty Advisors at least once per academic year. Faculty Advisors will help you plan your major, complete your major check, and help you stay on track with course choices. They will also have access to course schedules ahead of time. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk with an advisor. Faculty's email addresses and office hours are listed under "Faculty Profles" and "Faculty Office Hours" on this website.

The "Degrees and Programs" tab to the left will lead you to the map for the history major.  You'll see the major is divided into core curriculum, your concentration courses and your electives. Your faculty advisor can provide further guidance in helping you see what you've accomplished, and what remains to be accomplished before graduating.  The attached cheat sheet will help you see what you've done, and what remains to be done.

Graduate Coordinator

The Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Kevin Kaatz, is the general academic advisor for all M.A. students in History. The Coordinator's office hours change each quarter.

Public History Coordinator

The Public History Coordinator, Dr. Linda Ivey, is the point person for questions about the undergraduate Pubic History Certificate, the Public History option for MA students, and history internships for academic credit.  

Social Science Single Subject Preparation Advisor

Please contact Dr. Bridget Ford, the Social Science Single Subject Preparation Advisor, for guidance on this matter.

Department Chair

  • SF 445

If the Undergraduate Coordinator or your Faculty Advisor is not available, feel free to discuss any concerns with Dr. Bridget Ford, the Department Chair. She will be happy to help!

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