SHRL Staff Openings

Student Staff Selection Process

Student Housing and Residence Life is excited to announce that we are currently in the process of hiring for several of our student staff positions. Please see the full list of available positions listed below:

Front Desk Assistants

(For 2020-2021 Academic Year)

 Front Desk Assistants are responsible for the safety and security of the Residence Halls in the evening hours. They help to monitor the buildings and report concerns as well as provide resources and answer questions residents may have.

Customer Service Assistants

(For 2020-2021 Academic Year)

 Customer Service Assistants are responsible for providing customer services to students, staff, and parents/guardians at the Lassen Housing Office Front Desk. They also sort and log packages and provide customer service in the El Dorado Hall Mail Room.

Guest Service Assistants

(For Summer 2020)

 Guest Services Assistants are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Conference Housing Program, which takes place over the summer.

Marketing Student Assistant

(For 2020-2021 Academic Year)

The Marketing Assistant is responsible for assisting in planning outreach and marketing efforts for prospective East Bay residents. The Marketing Assistant is also responsible for managing the department’s social media efforts.

FreeFest Assistants

(For May 4-18, 2020)

FreeFest Assistants are responsible for gathering and organizing items that residents want to donate as part of our annual end of year FreeFest program. They also monitor the EDH community room where residents can come get items that were donated by other residents.

If you have any questions regarding these positions or the selection process, please contact Shelley Marshall, at

Step by Step Guide to Applying

Step 1:

Please review the Terms and Conditions for each position you are interested in apply for to ensure you meet all minimum qualifications and are able to attend any required training and/or meetings.

Step 2:

Complete an online application by Sunday, April 5, 2020. Please note that the application includes a resume, completion of the 16 Personalities Test and 2 short answer questions. Please only complete one application and include all positions you want to apply for in the same application.

16 Personalities Test Instructions

Prior to beginning the supplemental question section of the application, you will need to complete the 16 Personalities test. This test is designed to help you identify your strengths and areas of growth and understand how they may inform the way you approach different areas in your life. Your results will not affect your application. Additionally, if you have already completed this test in the last year and still have your results, you may utilize them and do not need to re-take the test.

Accessing 16 Personalities test:
  • Go to:
  • Click on: “Take test” *Note: the test could take up to 10-15 minutes, so please plan accordingly.
  • Read over your results and select the option to e-mail them to yourself.

Step 3:

Applications will be screened to determine who will move forward to the interview process. This includes the completion of a GPA and conduct check as well as a review of the application materials.

Step 4:

After application screening, all candidates who are moved forward in the selection process will be asked to participate in the interview portion of the process. Interviews will take place via zoom on April 16th and 17th.

Step 5:

Those who are moved forward in the process should expect to receive a conditional offer letter via email the week of April 20th. You will need to respond to this email to officially accept your offer and begin the on-boarding process. Those who are not selected or are offered a role as an alternate (when applicable) will also receive letters at this time.

Step 6:

Offers are conditional pending completion of a livescan background check. All candidates who accept their conditional offer will be asked to complete a livescan. You will be sent more details regarding how and when to complete the livescan after conditional offers are made. Please note you will not be charged to complete this livescan.

Step 7:

Once livescans are completed, you will also need to complete a hiring packet, which includes completion of I-9 Employment Verification paperwork for payroll. Thus it is recommended that you gather all documents needed for completion of this paperwork in advance so it does not delay your on-boarding process. For more information about documents you may need, please refer to the following link: note the livescan can take up to 2 weeks to process before you get notified to pick-up your hiring packet.

Step 8:

Completed hiring packets will be processed in order to activate your staff email and timesheet. After these items are in place, you will be emailed regarding the completion of the required online training. This is the final item you will need to complete as part of the on-boarding process. Please note processing of the hiring packet can take up to a couple weeks so you will not immediately receive the online training email.