Occupancy & Rates

Student Housing aims to provide a community where our residents have the space to accomplish their goals- whether personal, career-related, or academic. We hope that this section better illustrates the efforts made “behind the scenes” to ensure our community continues to be a viable option for students for years to come.

Academic Year 2023-2024 Rates

AY 2023-2024 Housing Rates

2023 Summer Housing Rates


Monthly Comparison for a Family of One Rate
Off-Campus On-Campus
Zillow Rent Apartment Single Suite Double
Rent $2,013 $2,122 ~$1424.79 ~$1180.88
Food $612 $612 ~$353.40 ~$669.51
Transportation $313 $313 ~$123 ~$123


(water, gas, electricity, trash)

$137 $137 included included
Internet $90 $90 included included
Xfinity W/ HBO Max

$12.50 + $55

2yr commitment

$12.50 + $55

2yr commitment

included included
Laundry $48 $48 included included
Total $3,280.50 $3,389.50 ~$1901.19 ~$1903.39


Actual room and board costs will vary, depending on dorm type and meal plan. (Apartment Single and Pioneer 5 meal plan used for above sample) Many students living off-campus have roommates, which decreases their housing costs.

The cost of living can vary significantly depending on the location.

All sections under on-campus housing labeled as included mean the cost is part of the rent.