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Approve Recruitment Request

This quick steps guide demonstrates how to approve a Recruitment Request for Staff and/or MPP position through PeopleSoft. When a department submits a Recruitment Request in PeopleSoft, the approval workflow and email notifications get triggered. An email notification first goes to Human Resources (HR) for approval; then it goes to different approvers based on your division’s approval structure (up to the President’s Office for new MPP positions).

Log In

  1. Navigate to the Staff home page
  2. Click PeopleSoft MyHR link
  3. Enter your NetID and Password
  4. Click Sign In

Approve Recruitment Request

  1. Navigate to Recruiting > Pending Approvals
  2. The Pending Approvals page displays
    • If there are multiple pending Recruitment Requests, they all will display.
    • There are two methods to approve a Recruitment Request, both are described below.
  3. Approval Method 1: Select the check box next to each Recruitment Request you wish to approve
  4. Use the drop-down menu to select Approve and click the Go button
    • Do not deny the request without having appropriate communication with the hiring department or the person who originally submitted this Recruitment Request. 
    • If a request is denied, it cannot be used anymore and a new Recruitment Request needs to be submitted to proceed with the recruitment process.
  5. Approval Method 2: When the Pending Approvals page displays, click the hyperlinked subject
  6. The Approvals page of the Recruitment Request displays
    • Review the approval workflow and any comments that may have been entered by the previous approvers.
    • Clicking the Approve button approves the Recruitment Request.
    • Clicking the Pushback button, sends the Recruitment Request back to the previous approver in the approval workflow.
    • Clicking the Deny button cancels the Recruitment Request. A new Recruitment Request needs to be submitted to proceed with the recruitment process.
  7. Before approving the Recruitment Request, view all the hyperlinked pages for the Recruitment Request to see all the details about this recruitment
    • View the Basic Recruit Info, Position Information, Search Plans, Posting Information, Applicant Attachments and Attachments hyperlinks for more more details about this recruitment. 
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